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  1. Shivashankar
    Shivashankar Bipin Damania
    Sir, please provide normal day book selected line total tdl
  2. drive
    Tally Developer, Vb.Net Developer.
  3. sonnen
    sonnen rmraja
    Dear Friend, could you kindly provide the "Excel to Tally Full version for Bank Statements, Multiple Journal, Payment and sales" file to me, for my personal use. Thanx and appreciate what you've made. My email id is
  4. Manimaran
    Life Will End When Searching Is Over
  5. psr
    psr drive
    Cost of TDL? Auto Voucher
  6. Rajsrisrimal
    Rajsrisrimal Bipin Damania
    Selected Line Totals

    can you mail the same tdl for personal use at
  7. Jignesh Negandhi
    Jignesh Negandhi
    can we format Number field with comma and decimal?
  8. Trichy sankar
    Trichy sankar sattam
    sir welcome
    This Is Shankar from Trichy TN..... i would like to know . you giving any training classes for Tally TDL
    Thank you sir
  9. Digital007
    Hurry up friend digital signature open source is available on low rate just mail me on
  10. Digital007
    Any one want customization in low rate or digital signature so please whatsapp me on 7021836411
  11. Digital007
  12. s.santhnam
    s.santhnam Frz
    How to update my post sir..

    i already update in my post
  13. rameshwhere
    This tcp is very useful for Production units in different location different process to find out the stage of production.
  14. sanskruti
    sanskruti Taufeeq Shaikh
    i m trying to auto numbing in alias plz give me sample code to learn
  15. s.santhnam
  16. Amit Kamdar
    Amit Kamdar PRAPTI
    Kindly do not post any materials on hacking/cracking in whatever form. We do not accept such activities. Kindly treat this as your first warning. Also read the Forum Rules.
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    2. Amit Kamdar
      Amit Kamdar
      It is not TDL, but a TCP.... which is a compiled file. Compiled TCP cannot be read or deciphered by anyone, including Tally Solutions.
      May 18, 2019
    3. Amit Kamdar
      Amit Kamdar
      Only in certain cases can it be hacked/cracked or deciphered.... so overall attempting to do that is not acceptable on this forum.
      May 18, 2019
    4. PRAPTI
      OK sir. Thanks and Sorry. It will not be repeated again.
      May 18, 2019
  17. Ganesh ji
    Ganesh ji
  18. Vogue Fashion Team
    Vogue Fashion Team
    We publish the basic tally learning books, which contain tally basic notes and Fundamentals of Accounts and Inventory Management.
  19. mahgs
    mahgs nasir
    Hai ,I have a full Sms Module,i sell toSMS tdl file,if you want SMs Module ,mail me
  20. ONKAR
    thanks from onkar
  21. Jay kumar tailor
    Jay kumar tailor Murali.R
    Sir mail to me. Wants to discuss on an topic.
  22. Vidit Goyal
    Vidit Goyal admin
    Hello Sir,
    I am a new Tally developer and am working on invoice customization, I have a requirement of showing discount in percentage at item level, I have set the field to $Discount, as per Tally References EXPINV Discount, but my discount field are showing 0 whereas I have given 2% discount on the item.
    So, I am asking guidance as a novice developer, please help.
  23. Vikram Bhat
    Vikram Bhat garima
    Dear sir
    I have credit control but I want its billing in admin login only can you help me for this
    1. garima
      Means you have tdl for credit control and now want a functionality in admin login only ?
      May 8, 2019
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    2. Vikram Bhat
      May 9, 2019
  24. ankurshah1985
  25. gcom
    gcom garima
    in tally consignee and Byer ( if other than consignee) in default tax invoice.
    i want to change vice versa
    pls suggest already you have code for this