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    HAROON2015 Ria
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    2. HAROON2015
      Oct 21, 2019 at 1:00 PM
    3. HAROON2015
      thank you once again
      Oct 21, 2019 at 1:04 PM
    4. HAROON2015
      Oct 21, 2019 at 1:04 PM
  4. Neeru
    Work haard keep smile
  5. mahgs
    mahgs Ash21
    Hai sir,Please send the attendance autocoloumn report demo tcp file on
  6. Ridwan
    Ridwan Varadha
    Hello Sir....did you solve Multi Currency problem...?
    Do Practice be Confident in Coding....
  8. zakirhossain_diu
    zakirhossain_diu paramconsultancy
  9. Sridharan S
    Sridharan S paramconsultancy
    Mail id:
  10. Sridharan S
    Sridharan S paramconsultancy
    Hi I am a Software Developer, Excel to Tally
  11. Amit Kamdar
    Amit Kamdar HAROON2015
    From their posts, you can understand, who are experts and who are not. Yet, if you want to expose your code, then it is your choice.
  12. Amit Kamdar
    Amit Kamdar HAROON2015
    A word of advice.... you should be careful and check the track records of members, before sending TXT files or full codes. There are people, who under the guise of helping out, will ask for the full code, whereas they do not even have ability to solve simple queries. Best way to check is go to their profile and go through their recent posts.
  13. Anshul Garg
    Anshul Garg admin
    Sir , i am new to TDL and learning tdl but sometimes i got stuck at fuctionalites . please share me any website where i could ask queries and can get answer to my query .it could be payable
  14. HAROON2015
  15. teja varma
    teja varma
    Learn Principles Of Programming Not necessary a Programming language.
  16. teja varma
    teja varma
    Try once before asking any issue , Self learning is the only way to Excel in any Field
    I didnt see yr Post, If you hv still requirements pls send mail to
  18. HAROON2015
  19. Aakash Mahanto
    Aakash Mahanto teja varma
    I was trying to make a report, I want party wise total transactions amount value , please help me regarding this. I am unable to solve this.
    1. teja varma
      teja varma
      where is the code
      Sep 21, 2019
  20. HAROON2015
  21. jaykay
    jaykay manjari m
    Whether this is ur profile photo or lakshmi menon photo one small doubt so only i'm asking
  22. Sagimanish
    Sagimanish mharit1
    Please share your contact details to schedule a demo session. We have two editions, Standard and Advanced.
    1. mharit1
      Sep 22, 2019
  23. Digital007
    Hurry up friend digital signature open source is available on low rate just mail me on
  24. HAROON2015
    HAROON2015 teja varma
  25. Haresh Hemani
    Haresh Hemani
    Modify all Ledger Vouchers form Account books >>ledger>> client Name purchase / sales ledger base on master settings