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  1. NainaSiraj
    NainaSiraj Neha19
    hi friend connect me plz
  2. ankur daga
    ankur daga svn
    hi, need digital signature source code. Mail me at
  4. conquer
    Sir please send bank code us :
  5. conquer
    conquer Murari Bajaj
    Sir Please Send us at :
  6. ankur daga
    ankur daga admin
  7. Amit Kamdar
    Amit Kamdar admin
    Hi...Can you please Introduce a STRIKE THROUGH Font............ so unwanted messages are struck off and also it leaves a message to other Members, on what is permitted or not.............
  8. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar gangstar
    i want add Bottom Tulbar button my choice in form on BottomTulbarbutton4,5,6,7,8 because hear come error so give me a simple code or formula
  9. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar Sultan Merchant
    Hi i want add my choice Bottom Tulbar button on BottomTulbarbutton4,5,6,7,8 but hear come error so give me a simple code or formula
  10. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar Hasan@123
    Hi i want add Bottom Tulbar button my form on BottomTulbarbutton4,5,6,7,8 so give me a simple code or formula because hear come error
  11. Saudi Solutions
    Saudi Solutions Neeru
    Dear Sir,

    Saw one of your customized reports for Group company Day book and Ledger report. How much it cost to buy. Kindly provide details.

    Ismail Eliat
    ismaileliat at
  12. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar Sohail Khan
    Hi sohail khan if can you help me so focus on my post "stock itme image gallery " and solve plz my problm
  13. HVPatel
    HVPatel teja varma
    HI, can you provide your email or contact or please email me
  14. Lishanthi Anoshika
    Lishanthi Anoshika
    Dear Administrator please contact me.
    1. NainaSiraj
      kindly please contact me i like u thanks plzzz
      Feb 25, 2021
  15. Vishal Sancheti
    Vishal Sancheti
    Can you please help me with BROKER WISE COMMISION AND Outstanding of particular broker and debtors name as well in a report.
  16. Vishal Sancheti
    Vishal Sancheti
    Hello Sir, I am Looking for BROKER WISE Commision Report
  17. Jenny
    Jenny HVPatel
    Helloo...can you provide me custcentre wise balance sheet?
    1. HVPatel
      explain by email or chat, i also need to know to read and fetch JSON file data.
      Feb 2, 2021
  18. Rohit Khedar
  19. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar svn
    Sorce code price send plz
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  20. Yash@82872
    Yash@82872 admin
    dear experts

    i m facing difficulty to identify part name,line name and then field name . i try ctrl+j in talky developer but couldnt find proper information

    please help
  21. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar garima
  22. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar Johar
    Johar sir your TCP file is not my help . I think as me how learn this type so what formulaa so can you give me mormulla
  23. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar Sanjeev S
    Sir not ignore plz
  24. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar Sanjeev S
    Hi sir morning. Sir if posible so check my post stock itme image gallery report plz
  25. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar KUSHAL BAROT26
    Any progress on my problm