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  1. Abisha
    Abisha Sai Vineeth
    ISPARTYLEDGER means what in tally??
  2. Abisha
    Abisha Sai Vineeth
  3. Sumitt
    Salesman with commission report
  4. suresh.modi
  5. Rohit Khedar
    Rohit Khedar CHANDRESH GAUR
    Hi sir in form a already post Invoice Format With Images by @Ranjith M C I think you have idea this type code so please modify update
  6. Vishalsingh1176
    Hard work & Humanity is all I believe in.
  7. Ahmedshaikh1984
    Dear Sir, We need a code for search (Mode of Payment) from any where in Tally Screen.......yes any one can help me on this
  8. Gangadhar C Beldar
  9. Gangadhar C Beldar
  10. Gangadhar C Beldar
  11. Gangadhar C Beldar
  12. Karl Lewis
    Karl Lewis garima
    hello Garima, may you please give me a second in private ?
  13. Amit1256
  14. Ahmedshaikh1984
    Dear All, we like to search by Narration or Stock item description can any one help me ......
  15. Ahmedshaikh1984
  16. Kaushil Kumar
    Kaushil Kumar
    Sir some people are breaking TDL how to avoid them
  17. A Sam
    A Sam drive
    Could you please share cost centre wise columnar P&L and also bulk entry with cost centre
  18. sanalub59
    sanalub59 Pratik Gadhiya
    Hello, Mr. Pratik,

    I am trying to use your whatsapp TDL but unfortunately its not working . please send me working TDL on or whatsapp me +96892020775

    Thanks in advance.
  19. Anshul Garg
    Anshul Garg PHOENIX HELIOS
    hi i am facing problem you were facing about not showing the stock items that were not traded in vouchers did you able to solve that if yes then please help me too
  20. Aashish Chaudhari
    Aashish Chaudhari teja varma
    Hi Mr. Teja Verma
    Complete Project is Working Fine. All Things Are Working Correctly . Opening Chrome - Opening Whatsapp - Opening Contact in Whatsapp.

    But After That Not Any Message or Attachment Send To Contact.

    Exported File is Also Created Succesfully in Folder.

    Please Help Whats the Problem.
  21. pravin bhau
    pravin bhau pramith
    Hello Pramith..can u send Me demo for Print Item Image on Invoice

    Email :
  22. AJ1998
    AJ1998 teja varma
    Hello Sir,
    I need one small help. I created a DLL file to fetch the tally serial number but when I am connecting DLL with the COM interface then my tally stops working. I don't know what I can do about it. Please help me out with it.
    Is there any way to enable or disable cost centers for selected ledgers or selected group of ledgers with the help of a single click button?
  24. manajibhai
  25. ANAND J
    ANAND J hamsa

    If you want English and Arabic Invoice customization let me know. i will do but i will provide TCP and Charges