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Mar 23, 2015
Mar 1, 2013
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Nirav Merchant

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Sorry I am Not Online in this Forum due to some Disputes of IDEA with Site Management Pls mail me in case of any help needed. Oct 2, 2013

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Mar 23, 2015
    1. sattam
    3. vyadav
      How to print Group Outstanding report as same in print out. i am trying but part is not delete

      [#Line: BILL Detail]

      Left Fields : BILLFixed, BILLOp, BILLCl,;My Hero
      Add : Left Fields : Before : BILLOp : My Hero
      Add : Left Fields : After : BILLCl : My Hero2

      [Field :My Hero]
      Set as : ""
      Use : Name Field

      [Field :My Hero2]
      Set as : ""
      Use : Name Field
    4. vyadav
      Dear Sir.

      How to control only voucher view not alter for user wise

      please give a solution thank you
      need help in "bank detail in invoice customize"
    6. Praveen Davis
      Praveen Davis
      Hi Nirav,

      Happy New year!

      can you help on how to Print my default tally simple format invoice and my packing slip in quick/draft mode by a single click in one page?

      I am using roll papers, my problem is after printing the default invoice extra length paper is ejected and I need to roll in again and print the packing slip.

      plz help.
    7. vyadav
      Dear Sir,,

      Can it possible ,Date change in Educational Mode ?

      yet tally pick only two days 1&2, Please help & give a suggestion
    8. Umapathy
      Please help anybody for providing as follows
      I want live data with odbc with following details
      Field-1 - Ledger Name
      Field-2 to .......-for days age wise (like agewise coloumn)
      Field-3 Ledger Balance
      Field-4 overdu balance
      field-5 contact fields
      field-6 address
      advance thanks.

      Please help to do the above in odbc with excel.

      Thanking you,
      R. Umapathy
      cell: 7373731246
    9. vyadav
      what is rule of excel import how can i study this topic
    10. Mahesh Sethi
      Mahesh Sethi
    11. Vineet More
      Vineet More
      Hi Sir,

      I need some help in priting of Customised Invoice Format in Tally. Request you to please help me out as i am stuck and not able to proceed.

      Please let me know when it will be suitable for you to discuss it with you.

      Vineet More
    12. JObimon Arackal JOhn
      JObimon Arackal JOhn

      I request you give the idea (not coding ) to activate voucher fill in sales order from Quotation which is optional Sales order. ( I have tried to alter "voucher fill" function but not successful)
    13. Waheed Khan
      Waheed Khan
      Nirav Ji
      Can you give Your Mail ID
      My ID is:
    14. Praveen Davis
      Praveen Davis
      Hi Nirav,

      Do you have code for something like "Loading Slip"
      Diamention of Reciept: Ht=2.5" Wd=6"

      Inv No: Date:

      Customer Name:( from buyers details)
      Veh No:(from despatch details) Time: (Printing time)

      Sl. No. Item Total Qty

      Driver Name & Sign:
      checked by:
    15. Pupesh Arora
      Pupesh Arora
      Dear Sir,

      I want to print logo in the receipt voucher print; Also want to Print 2 copies of receipt in A4 size paper 1st half should be Original copy and 2nd half should be company copy.
    16. Ashok Pillai
      Ashok Pillai
      Skip Rate & Discount Column while purchase voucher entry and it is working, but I want to allow user wise permission to change Rate or
      Discount ???
      [#Field:VCHBATCH Rate]
      Delete: Skip on
      Add: Skip: @@POPurchentry
      [#Field: VCHBATCH Discount]
      Delete: Skip on
      Add: Skip: @@POPurchentry
      POPurchentry :$$IsPurchase:$vouchertypename
    17. JObimon Arackal JOhn
      JObimon Arackal JOhn
    18. JObimon Arackal JOhn
      JObimon Arackal JOhn
      Happy to see you are back.....

      I need one help. I Developed a TDl . It is working also. But in that I am using Sub function to get a report. But I like to use Trigger attribute in Collection. It give little more good look and feel for my report please help me. It does not work when from one collection using triger to another report with another collection from that it goes to Final report.
    19. Bsingh
      Can You please provide the source code for fixed Item description , so that i can select the item description from drop down menu while creating invoices.

      please help.....
    20. Nirav Merchant
      Nirav Merchant
      Sorry I am Not Online in this Forum due to some Disputes of IDEA with Site Management Pls mail me in case of any help needed.
    21. Nirav Merchant
      Nirav Merchant
      I am out of this site if anybody wants any help pls mail me. thanks
    22. rajendra mithari
      rajendra mithari
      dear sir, i am trying to create report of sales, and am not getting sales quantity , bed,ed,sed vat etc in one line on screen. In case of invoice print it is okey for eg $billedqty or $ActualQty but why i am not gettings same fields in display screen ( it will exported to excel so need tobe display on screen) pl help.....
    23. JObimon Arackal JOhn
      JObimon Arackal JOhn
      1. Nirav Merchant
        Nirav Merchant
        Hi Pls mention what is the use of TDL i have not gone thoruh the forum Thanks will make my life easy to give solutions
        May 14, 2013
      2. JObimon Arackal JOhn
        JObimon Arackal JOhn
        the purpose of TDl In sales first select stock group then select stock item.
        For eg if we select select tata bus as a group then only spare parts of tata bus will be shown for item selection.

        continued in next comment
        May 14, 2013
      3. JObimon Arackal JOhn
        JObimon Arackal JOhn
        actually i tried to learn the topic filtering in collection . reports etc. as practial test I tried to develop this.

        Some people said it is working some people said it is not.

        please tell me where I am wrong.

        Thanks in advance.
        May 14, 2013
    24. srbhalaji
      thanks for ur replay, i am want to send the sms through a gsm modem connected to my pc ( ie like nokia pc suit),
    25. ahmed rishali
      ahmed rishali
      dear sir please help me , i want to discount in seperate
      first is,i given the ledger entries ,from this i wanted to remove the discount ledger
      second is i want to mention at down part discount ledger only

      i use many commands like , Set as : $LedgerName:not contains " discount"
      but its not affecting , please help my threat
      Thank you !
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