Adding Field to Accounting Vouchers

Discussion in 'Requests' started by PRAPTI, Jul 19, 2019.


    PRAPTI Member

    How to add a button to Accounting Voucher?

  2. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    By defining it in FORM level..........

    [Form : SoandSo]
    Button : My Button

    [Button : MyButton]
    Your shortcut keys and Action plans here..........

  3. sandip kumar

    sandip kumar New Member

    how to add field before date in accounting voucher? plz help

  4. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Find the LINE of the Voucher where you want your field..... then Add your field before the DATE.


    PRAPTI Member

    Means if I want to do so in sales invoice,
    [Form : Sales]
    Button : My Button

    [Button : MyButton]

  6. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    For Add a Button on Already Available Form,Edit That Form With Use Of Hash.
    Like This
    [#Form : Sales]

  7. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    There is no FORM : SALES.......... you need to use Form : Voucher........ from thereon it branches off to different types.

    So in that form, you can add your giving condition.......IsSales (VouchertypeName)

  8. teja varma

    teja varma Member

    try like this:
    [#Form:Accounting Voucher]
        Inactive:NOT @@issales
        Key:ctrl + H
        01:Msg Box:Haha:Button is working!



    PRAPTI Member

    Thanks for the code. I wrote the following code, but the Alt+S function is not woking.


  10. teja varma

    teja varma Member

    what is @@istaxinvoice
    its working fine myside when i click the button its going to print config screen and then selecting printer and then enter

    what actually you are trying to do

  11. PRAPTI

    PRAPTI Member

    I want this to do--

    But what's happening is--

    And Tax Invoice is a field created under sales i.e. when you enter sales button, you get two options to sale:
    1. Sales
    2. Tax Invoice

  12. teja varma

    teja varma Member

    so you want to set default printer for vouchertype

  13. PRAPTI

    PRAPTI Member

    And also A5.

  14. teja varma

    teja varma Member

    to set default printer

    [#Form:Sales Color]
        Set Always:SVPrinterName:"Microsoft Print to PDF"
    replace printer name with yours
    you can add condition to check the voucher type or custom condition then set the printer name
    we cant set papersize
    its a printer property so you can fix the size in the printer properties

  15. PRAPTI

    PRAPTI Member

    I want to do this with the properties of printer from Alt+S,Selecting Printer, then properties occur where I can select the paper size for tally.

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