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  1. subash pal

    subash pal Member

    Dear experts

    Please help for fetch data for customer summary Report as per Following conditions
    If sales Voucher contain income ledger & other duties for example (Tax Exempted Means Vat is Not added in bill as per Nepal Income Tax Act)
    Item qty Rate Amt
    LED TV 1 16000 16000

    Excise Duty@10% 1600
    Discount@2.5% 400
    Packaging Forwarding 800
    Taxable 18000
    Vat@13% 2340
    Total Amount 20340

    Now how can we fetch Tax Exempted , Taxable, Tax(VAT), Total In customer summary reports
    I am try for this but not able to fetch summary data Please help......... thanks in advance

  2. subash pal

    subash pal Member

    as per above query i am now successful to fetch all summary data excepting Tax Exempted value , so please suggest me system formula and collection for that Please @@amit sir help me i am completed 85% report, Thanks in Advance

  3. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    send Sample Tally Data , code and screenshots with xplanations/remarks .... to

    Will look into due course of time.

  4. subash pal

    subash pal Member

    thank you sir

  5. subash pal

    subash pal Member

    Dear Amit sir I update the codes all things is ok, but tax exempted amount not calculated properly, for example if any party has both sale (Taxable & Tax exempted) then only then taxable & exempted not separated both are shown in taxable column it should be separated. Please advice sir

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