Eazy Auto Voucher (Advanced) With Multiple Inventory, Multiple Country Taxes

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by drive, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. drive

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    Dear All, Finally Done All In One Eazy Auto Voucher

    It's work with Payment, Receipt, Contra, Journal.
    Also Sales, Purchase with inventory & without inventory . (multiple Item with godowns)
    Also multiple Country taxes like GST, VAT Etc.
    It's Easy to use only set parameters for generate entries.

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  2. Rohit Khedar

    Rohit Khedar Member

    very good sir ji

  3. MZMS

    MZMS New Member

    Excellent Sir Keep it up Such a Nice Personality Person You Are.



    Excellent TDL

  5. Vikash_Dhamecha

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  6. Eresh

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    Grate Sir TDL link Please.

  7. drive

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  8. svn

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  9. drive

    drive Active Member

    New Features
    Multi Inventory In Single Voucher With Shuffled In Items.
    Randomized Date In Inventory Voucher.
    Discount / Packing Charges Added.
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  10. mpal2311

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    it is showing expired

  11. drive

    drive Active Member

    Remove Old TCP Or Restart Tally Then Try it's Working Fine

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