Expand width of "List of Ledger Accounts" in voucher entry and adding fields

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  1. naren1234

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    Dear Experts,

    I am trying to expand the width of "List of Ledger Accounts" during voucher entry and ensure that the default list position is not altered (i.e. right of screen) (screenshot attached), but below code is not working.

    I tried the code "Format: $Name,65" with following collection objects but none of them worked:
    [#Collection: List of Ledger Accounts]
    [#Collection: List of ExtractLedgers]
    [#Collection: List of Ledgers MExtract]
    [#Collection: List of All Ledgers]
    [#Collection: Ledger Vouchers]
    Maybe, I am not using the right object.

    Also, is the below code compatible if, later on, I want to add the following? Just let me know.
    i). Add current closing balance indicating "Dr/Cr", to the "List of ledgers".
    ii). Add some GST details like: Taxability; HSN/SAC; IGST Rate (see 2nd screenshot below)

    Add:Sub Title :"I will enter my filed title here"
    Add :Format :$_________ <---TDL field code
    Fetch:__________ <--- TDL field code

    Kindly suggest any correction to above. ALSO, where can I find the correct TDL codes for below fields? i.e.
    (a) Current closing Balance Dr/Cr and
    (b) GST Details as shown in below attached 2nd screenshot.
    Applicable To:- Goods/Services
    Is Non-GST Goods? - Yes/No
    Taxability (i.e. Taxable, Exempt, Nil Rated)
    IGST Rate (%)
    Reverse Charge Applicable? - Yes/No
    Ineligible for ITC? - Yes/No

    Will appreciate your help.

  2. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Try this way in your collection........

    Delete : Format
    Add : Format : $Name, 65

    As for the fields.... please open Tally in developer mode..........i.e. RUN....... D:\Tally.ERP9\tally.exe /devmode (put your path here)

    Once u run in developer mode and you hover the mouse over the field.... it will give you the field name..........report name etc........ then search for that report in developer and find the field you require.............
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  3. mukeshb

    mukeshb Member

    [#Collection: Normal Cash Ledgers Extract Server]

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