Finaly done my pos invocie customized tdl

Discussion in 'Free Source Codes' started by ONKAR, May 20, 2019.

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  2. Amit Kamdar

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    Congratulations.........good efforts. Keep it up.

  3. Jay kumar tailor

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    Congratulations....keep it up.....

  4. Bipin Damania

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    Keep it up...

  5. garima

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    MalapaN marathi vachta yete.

  6. ONKAR

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    @garima Tumhi Marathi Aahat kay ??

  7. ONKAR

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    Thanks to All Respected Experts.

  8. uttam100

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    OMG, is working in hindi.

  9. ONKAR

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    @uttam100 This is not a Hindi language in this Code, I have used the MARATHI language.

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    good one

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  15. S P Tandale

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    Could you please share the code to

  16. ONKAR

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    [ answer in the Marathi language ]

    एस .पी.तांदळे हा कोड किंवा हे टीडीएल आधीपासूनच आपल्या ह्या फोरम वर उपलब्ध आहे , तुम्ही फक्त त्यामध्ये योग्य ते बदल करा , फक्त तुम्ही सर्च करा तुम्हाला अनेक कस्टमाईज टॅॅली इन्व्हाईस चे कोड मिळतील , तुम्ही त्यामध्ये योग्य ते बदल करा , मी सुद्धा असेच केले आहे.

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  18. ONKAR

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    Yes , i will give you my pos invoice tdl but I also want your pos invoice format tdl , because I like your invoice format

  19. gaurav gangh

    gaurav gangh New Member

    its just the simple editing which i have done in the normal formatting

  20. ONKAR

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    ok, Gaurav, so I will give you my code, so you can change in it, so it looks like your pos bill,

  21. Johar

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    Onkar share ur mail id


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