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    Quick Voucher Date Change Any Ledger Or Daybook Select Rows Or Current Row Press Ctrl+R And Set New Voucher Date
    It is free tcp no date restriction.

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    Great sir....


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    [#Form: Day Book]
    Add: Button: After : DSPShowGP : InputNewDate

    [Button: InputNewDate]
    Title: "Set Date"
    Key: Ctrl+R
    Action List : InputDate, ModifyDate

    [Button: InputDate]
    Key: Ctrl+R
    Action: Alter: Rpt InputDate

    [Button: ModifyDate]
    Key: Ctrl+R
    Action: Call : FuncEdit

    [Function: FuncEdit]

    ;; Variable to Save MasterID
    Variable : MSTID : String

    ;; Walking Over Current Vouchers of Day Book
    100 : WALK COLLECTION : SELDayVouchers

    ;; Set Master ID to a Variable
    120 : SET : MSTID : "ID:"+ $$String:$MasterID

    ;; Set Object In Edit Mode
    130 : NEW OBJECT : Voucher : ##MSTID

    ;; Set Target to the First Ledger (PartyLedger)
    140 : SET TARGET : LedgerEntries[1]

    ;;Modifies Value of the Methord
    160 : SET VALUE : Date : #NDate

    ;; Back to Ledger Entry Object
    170 : SET TARGET : ..

    ;; Back to Voucher Object
    180 : SET TARGET : ..

    ;; Saving Object
    190 : ACCEPT ALTER

    200 : END WALK

    [Collection: SELDayVouchers]

    Data Source : Report : Current
    Fetch : All Ledger Entries

    [Report: Rpt InputDate]
    Title : "Update Voucher Date"
    Form : Input Date
    Auto : Yes

    [Form: Input Date]
    Part : Input Date
    Width: 25% Screen
    Height: 8% Screen

    [Part: Input Date]
    Line: New Date

    [Line: New Date]

    Field : Long Prompt , NewDate
    Local : Field: Long Prompt : Set As: "New Date"

    [Field : NewDate]
    Use : Short Date Field
    Modifies : NDate
    Border : Thin Box
    Width : 15

    [System : Variable]
    Ndate : " "

    [Variable : NDate]
    Type : Date
    Persistent : Yes
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    Thanks for Sharing.

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    This code is already in this forum.


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    Sir Pls share ur code sir.....

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    Above Link is Dead

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    in google drive link show the err : This item might not exist or is no longer available

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    For Change Objects
    Ledger Name, Voucher Type, Stock Item, Narration

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    Mr. Drive ??????? thanks lot......

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    Thanks Mr. Drive

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    How can i stop duplicate sales / purchase entry

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    @drive sir, I want some help for other tdl, how to send sales to invoice direct to WhatsApp, please share your ideas / tdl

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    its showing error attribute defination started without a valid defination ??

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