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  1. lumos

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    Hello Everyone, I am new here and this forum has helped me immensely in learning TDL.
    This is a simple code to send SMS at Gateway of Tally.
    Replace API code with yours.
    This is built upon existing code found in forums with further improvements.

    ;;**********==============Sending SMS at Gateway=============***********;;
    ;;[#Menu: Gateway OF Tally] ;;Adding button in main menu
    ;;    Add: Buttons: PartyLedgerhotkey
    ;;    Add :Key Item :Before : @@locQuit : Sms Party :: Alter:partyLedgerclosingbalance
    [Button: PartyLedgerhotkey] ;;Adding Another on the side
        Key: ALT + Z
        Action: alter : PartyLedgerclosingbalance
        Title: "SMS Party"
    [Report: PartyLedgerclosingbalance] ;;calling report definition
        Form: PartyLedgerclosingbalance
        Title: "SMS Party"
    ;;================PartyLedgerSelect ==============;
    [Variable : PartyLedgerselect]
        Type : String
        Persistent : Yes
    [Field: PartyLedgerselect] ;;selecting name of party
        Use: short name field
        Table: Ledger
        Modifies: PartyLedgerselect
    [Form: PartyLedgerclosingbalance]  ;;SMS Text form
        ON : Form Accept : Yes : CALL : TestSMS  ;;calling for sms function
        Part: PartyLedgerclosingbalance
    [Part: PartyLedgerclosingbalance]
        Line: PartyLedgerName, SMSText,PartyLedgerclosingbalance  ;;Name, sms text and closing balance fields of selected party
    ;;===========Defining Feilds for sms=============;
    ;;============Name Field=========;
    [Line: PartyLedgerName]
        Field:partyLedgerName ,PartyLedgerselect
          Use:Name field
          Set as:"Party Name :"
    ;;============Text Field=========;
          Use:Name Field
          Set as:"SMS Text :"
          Use:Name field
          Set as:"Dear Customer your closing balance is "
          Width: 75 mms
          ;Storage: SMSUDF
    ;;====Closing balance Field=====;
    [Line: PartyLedgerclosingbalance]
        Field: PartyClosingBalance,Clbal
          Use:Name field
          set as:"Party Closing Balance :"
          Use:Name field
          Set as:$ClosingBalance:Ledger:#PartyLedgerselect
    ;;================Function for sms===============;
    00 : WALK COLLECTION : Send SMS Coll
    10 : END WALK
    20 : MSGBox : "Status":"Message Sent \n Successful"
    30 : Return
    ;;============Collection For SMS===============;
    [Collection: Send SMS Coll]
    Remote URL :"<Your auth key here>&sender=<Sender>&route=4&mobiles="+@@getmob+"&message="+@@smsText+@@clbal
    ;;============Formula for accessing============;
    [System : formula]
    Getmob : $LedgerMobile:Ledger:#PartyLedgerselect
    Clbal : #clbal
    smstext : #SMSTEXT
    [System : Formulae]
    PartyLedgerselect : ""
    ;;*************==============End of Code=============*************;;
    Suggest improvements if any.
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  2. gcom

    gcom New Member

    sms not working

  3. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Please read the 3rd line in Post # 1............. replace that and it will work.

  4. lumos

    lumos Member

    As pointed out by Amit Sir you will need to register to a SMS gateway provider and replace api key/credentials provided with yours.

  5. Zeedk90

    Zeedk90 New Member

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