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  1. R. VIJAY

    R. VIJAY Member

    Thank you sir it is working well once again thank you

  2. NaraSimhulu Devalam

    NaraSimhulu Devalam New Member

    hi Vijay

    Wat happen this???

  3. R. VIJAY

    R. VIJAY Member

    sir check it i upload files 2 mins back

  4. NaraSimhulu Devalam

    NaraSimhulu Devalam New Member

    HI Vijay

    I saw your files but it is TCP we can't compile TCP in License.
    If you have a TDL means we will do compile.
    Other wise we want to develop the code fresh and the compile in License.

  5. R. VIJAY

    R. VIJAY Member

    sir i send screen shots what i required it is possiable to create plz create tdl file thank you sir
    bank allocation details in narration

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  6. R. VIJAY

    R. VIJAY Member

    multiple voucher entries in screen shots

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  7. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    These free TDL are collection of a hard work of programmers and a long period. Even some of them has been posted my me. If your requirement is now, chance to be uploaded not defined. Choice is your's.
    But I must say it again that try something by your own, don't look for free codes.

    You can't find every thing you want for !!FREE!!

    Better LuCk!

    I think other developers will also agree with this.

  8. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    Write to Admin.

  9. Taufeeq Shaikh

    Taufeeq Shaikh Active Member

    Dear Users

    Kindly do not get exaggerated, this site is for learning purpose and sharing new ideas / queries. So i request all of you just cut it down and do not post messages in such a way. Please do needful and co-operate for the same.

    I hope you all will understand it and will be thankful for your co-operations.

  10. Taufeeq Shaikh

    Taufeeq Shaikh Active Member

    Here any user can post their query and need but it is up to you that whether you want to help or not. If you trust that user on its Genuineness then you can reply or help. And if you don't want then kindly do not reply.

    That's it. We should be what we are by being a professional and not like chit-chatters.

  11. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

  12. R. VIJAY

    R. VIJAY Member

    Sorry sir he is irritated me so that i post message like that, thank you for comment sir, i don't have knowledge to develop tdl, what why asking to provide tdl accroding to my requirement.

  13. Maulik Patel

    Maulik Patel Active Member

    Dear R Vijay,

    Who are you to suggest to close this forum?
    How dare you to think like that?

    Just view all posts over here so you will get idea that all members of this forum are ever ready to help each other. So i think you should not post in that way. This forum is always helpful for users like you who are at beginning stage so NEVER think about closing this forum. You should think 1000 times before posting this. Do you have any idea what you are saying and for what you are saying? Think 100 times before you post a message like this. This will put wrong effect to members as well as members of this forum.

    As I inform you before few days that if you do not know TDL then try to learn it here you can find many tdls and you can also find TDL Sample Code which Tally is providing. If get a query then post over here we all are ready to help but every time you should not ask for FREE TDL.

    Be careful while posing your message.
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  14. HVPatel

    HVPatel Active Member

    I Totally agree with Mr. Maulik Patel & Mr. Taufeeq Shaikh & Mr. MPal2311,
    And Also Requesting to ALL members, once again, Please do not ask Full TDL Code, start yourself, if any doubts, All Members & Owners helping to solve it.
    Also Requesting to ALL EXPERTS / DEVELOPERS, please do not to share full code on specific demand or request for TDL, But share own created TDL to "Free Source Code".
    Rest depends on own thinking what to do or not.

  15. R. VIJAY

    R. VIJAY Member

    if you want help me, then provide me the code why we all are irritating me

  16. Maulik Patel

    Maulik Patel Active Member

    No body is irritating you dear, so don't think like that, every body wants to help but not for full code. Try something by your own and if any query raise to your mind share it with experts and see the result.

    Remember one thing that everybody over here, me and other developers who posted their thoughts in this post will always help you if your requirement is gentle. And I think always asking for full code is not gentle requirement.

    Hope you understand and don't get this in wrong way.
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  17. R. VIJAY

    R. VIJAY Member

    ookkkk dear, try to help me i send code and correct that

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  18. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

  19. R. VIJAY

    R. VIJAY Member

    what is this,

  20. JObimon Arackal JOhn

    JObimon Arackal JOhn Active Member

    I will give you hint:

    But you need to use according to your requirement. If you have multiple cheque you have to use your own coding based on this hint.

    Two reason why I am not giving full source code
    1) If you are a real developer you can complete it using appropriate function


    Dear Admin ,

    If you think my comment is inappropriate please edit my comment.

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  21. R. VIJAY

    R. VIJAY Member

    when i change code it is not working plz upload full code

  22. JObimon Arackal JOhn

    JObimon Arackal JOhn Active Member

    Learn TDL. Then come to this forum
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  23. ramesh

    ramesh New Member

    it is not working in tally9 rel 2.13 or 2.14

  24. priya

    priya Member

    This forum has helped many and it is like an University where you mix with like minded persons and exchange the ideas. I wish the forum a long and healthy life and contribute to the society. Also there are many, who have limited knowledge about the TDL, but still need the work to be carried out in the Tally due to work commitments. Such persons require the learned and knowledgeable members to help them out. If a balance is struck in between, I feel it will enrich many. Any interested gentlemen can open a topic in the forum teaching the creation of TDL. May be like specialists in every field, there seems to be specialists in TDL Creation also, who can share the idea.

    This is just my suggestion/impression or whatever you may think, but I do not aim at anyone. I can only say about myself, that I am addicted to this site and browse it everyday to learn about new things. THANKS ALL TO THE PEOPLE WHO MAINTAIN THE SITE AND TO THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RICH CONTENT OF THIS SITE. BYE TO EVERYONE.
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  25. Younus Khan

    Younus Khan New Member

    Dear Sir,

    Please provide a tdl for multiple voucher entries in tally

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