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    What you’ll learn

    • Teach the 10% of computer security that gives 90% of the benefit
    • Advanced penetration testing techniques
    • How to write secure web apps
    • Computer security fundamentals
    • How to secure and exploit the OWASP Top 10

    • Ability to write programs
    • Basic knowledge of a programming language
    • (Not required) Preferably have written a mobile or web app before

    Computer security is one of the biggest job gaps in history, with a shortage of 3.5 million skilled workers needing to tackle a problem estimated to be worth $6 trillion. This is one of the biggest opportunities in history.

    When I was at university I did a lot of security courses and to be honest I was pretty frustrated at how they were taught. The concepts and their importance captured my imagination but I knew it could be taught in a better way… so I created a few YouTube videos on the topic. They were very well received… So well received that after a few years working in industry I decided to make this course.

    Although this course covers practical methods for breaking into and securing systems, most of the lectures focus on principals which allow you to properly understand the concepts. This differs from a lot of courses on Udemy that teach specific tools that will be out of date next year. This course is designed to teach the next thought leaders of the industry… ones who are capable of making tools that make everything before it seem outdated.

    This course covers all the topics of several of my courses at university. It’s not long, it’s light hearted, and doesn’t feel dense… but all the content is there.

    Who this course is for:

    • University students studying computer science or a related field
    • Tinkerers wanting to ensure their apps are secure
    • Employees wanting to improve the cyber security of their firm
    • Developers interested in learning security

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