How to store value in Sub Collection

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Himanshu-2002, Oct 12, 2021.

  1. Himanshu-2002

    Himanshu-2002 Active Member

    Hello Experts,
    I was trying to store value in sub collection like this

    [Field:Store Ledger Name]
    Storage:Ledger Name:AllLedgerEntries:Last

    And this is working also but Now, I am confused because I have to save one value in bill allocation also

    I tried with this

    [Field:Store Bill Name]

    But This is returning error So, Can you please help me to solve it?

    .. I think it is a syntax error but I don't the correct syntax

  2. garima

    garima Well-Known Member

    he he.. This is something I did not know... that storage works this way..

    still I think.. Ledger Name storage is available in all LedgerEntries in a Voucher.. therefore it is working ..

    ...but Bill Allocation is applicable only on Ledgers which are Parties and on which Bill by Bill is set as Yes in Master..

    and more Important.. in any Voucher, the Ledger which stores the bill allocation is always first Ledger ... and not LAST

    so it should be like ..


    but I am not sure...

  3. Himanshu-2002

    Himanshu-2002 Active Member

    Sir I tried this combination also, But Didn't work...I got to know about this concept when I was doing customization in POS Sales Voucher

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