How to track user activities in Tally ERP9

Discussion in 'Requests' started by kvprakash, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. kvprakash

    kvprakash New Member

    Tally allows us to track the user activity by enabling Audit feature in security control. But it shows only who is created the vouchers. But it doesn't show altered and deleted details. Can you help me to get those details?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Avrt Technologies

    Avrt Technologies New Member

    Hi Vijay,

    Tally will show the voucher audited details.

  3. kvprakash

    kvprakash New Member

    I have enabled audit features. It shows only entered by:. Not showing altered by and deleted by details. Is there anything else need to be enabled other than enabling audit features? When I enable show altered and deleted options in F12, it shows nothing.

  4. uttam100

    uttam100 Member

    Yes tdl module on internet . Search.

  5. Avrt Technologies

    Avrt Technologies New Member

    In order to show the voucher altered by, you need to audit the voucher. Once voucher is audited, if any user alter the voucher then it will show the altered by. If the audited voucher is deleted then it will show the deleted audited voucher.

    To audit the voucher u need to login as owner and go to statement of accounts - tally audit.

  6. Blessy Sinu

    Blessy Sinu New Member

    please share tdl code

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