Importing Physical stock

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Salman, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Salman

    Salman Member

    Dear Experts,

    I want to import the physical stock from excel sheet so. Please suggest me what steps i have to take or any other solution..?


  2. Salman

    Salman Member

    Any update on this?

  3. Bhavik Tankaria

    Bhavik Tankaria New Member

    follow below steps :

    1. enter 1 entry with 3 or 4 items in tally.
    2. export that entry in xml format.(data interchange)
    3. open the exported file in notepad.
    4. you can easily trace the entries of item. (usually its starts from "xmlmessage". (you will need little bit of expertise in excel to do next steps)
    5. copy those line and paste it in excel sheet (paste special - transpose it)
    6. you will have to load your data which you want to upload it.
    7. once done, just use "concatenate" formula to join all the cells. you will then get the complete xml sentence.
    8. copy and paste these rows in exported xml file. (you need to know the correct place to copy)
    9. save the file and import in tally.

    its done.

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