inclusive tax sale entry in tally erp 9v3.4

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  1. D K

    D K New Member

    Hi all my friends on this site can anybody tell me how i can enter inculsive vat sale entry in tally ples read full

    please help me out if any tdl source code can done this ple give the code

    (In Detail )

    I have a bill no 001

    in this bill 3 diff stock item are sale

    Item name qty rate amount diff vat rate on diff item The Vat amt (inclusive)
    Item A 1 100 100 5 % 4.72
    Item B 1 100 100 12.5 % 11.11
    Item C 1 100 100 Tax Free 0

    Total bill Amount of 300

    I try vat class but it not work proper the problem is that using vat class i cant enter a bill of diff types of vat rat in single entry


  2. Vikram

    Vikram Member

    Dear friend,
    This can be acheieved by default tally only ,please find the attached data for your reference.

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  3. Thanks Vikram,

    Ya its Correct. it can be acheived in dafault tally only.

  4. D K

    D K New Member

    Hi vikram and Dinesh sir

    Thank for your support but i have still problem i attach a excel file for bill ref whole info in this sheet pls see and suggest something helpful for me

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    dear sir it can possible without tdl call me

  6. D K

    D K New Member

    hey how its possible please tell me

  7. kamal

    kamal Member

    Dear sir,
    This above option is working fine but when i use discount ledger as user defined value in tax class its not taking vat after discount.
    please sugges me to correct the options.

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  8. hi,

    In the discount ledger you can setup the use for assessable value calculations set to yes and Method set to Value basis for VAT. Which solve your problem.

  9. Nirav Merchant

    Nirav Merchant Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    Small code which allows Tax incl rate in Invoice

    *** need to put Vat rate in Item Master Creation - Enable - Tax Inclusive Rate from F11 - Accounting Features

    [#Part : CMP Acc Feat Right]
    Add : Line : CMP Final Rate

    [Line : CMP Final Rate]
    Fields : Long Prompt, Logical Field

    Local : Field : Long Prompt : Info : $$LocaleString:"Tax inclusive rates on Invoices ?"
    Local: Field : Logical Field : Storage: isFinalRateOn
    ;;Local : Field : Default: Tooltip: +
    Local : Field : Default: On : Focus : Yes : Set : SVERPFeatureDesc : +
    "This features allows a user to enter Tax Inclusive Rates while creation invoice. The module will automatically do the reverse calculation based on the defined Tax rates on item master."

    Space Top: 0.25

    [System : UDF]
    isFinalRateOn: Logical : 23

    [System : Formula]
    isFinalRateOn: $isFinalRateOn:Company:##SVCurrentCompany and @@isERPPlusModuleOn

    [#Line : VCH Batch Column One]
    add : option : My VCH Batch Column One : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [#Line : VCH Batch Column Two]
    add : option : My VCH Batch Column Two : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [!Line : My VCH Batch Columnone]
    Add : Right Field: Before : VCH RateTitle : MyFinalRateTitle

    [Field : My FinalRateTitle]
    Use:Name Field
    INfo: "Tax inc. Rate"
    Width: @@VCHRateWidth
    Lines: 2
    Style: Normal
    Align: Centre

    [!Line : My VCH Batch Columntwo]
    Add : Right Field : Before : VCH RateTitle : MyFinalRateTitle
    Local : Field : MyFinalRateTitle : Info : ""

    [#Line : STKVCH Batch2]
    Add : Option : MyStkvch Batch2 : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [!Line : MystkVCH Batch2]
    Add : Right Field : Before : VCHBATCH Rate : MyFinalRate

    [Field: MyFinalRate]
    Use: Rate Price Field
    ;;Fetch Object: Stockitem: $StockitemName: RateOfVAT

    Storage: MyFinalRate
    Skip: $$Line > 1

    [system: UDF]
    MyFinalRate: Rate: 101
    MyFinalRate2: Rate: 102

    [#Field: VCHBATCH Rate]
    Add : Option : MyRate : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [!Field : MyRate]
    Delete: Set as
    Delete: Set By Condition
    Add: Set By Condition : Yes : ($MyFinalRate *100 ) / (100 + $RateofVAT:Stockitem:$Stockitemname)

    [#Line : Ei ColumnOne]
    add : option : My VCH Batch Column One : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [#Line : Ei ColumnTwo]
    add : option : My VCH Batch Column Two : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [#Line : Ei InvInfo]
    Add : Option : My Ei Info : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [#Line : Ci InvInfo]
    Add : Option : My Ei Info : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [!Line : My ei info]
    Add : Right Field : Before : VCH Rate : MyFinalRate2

    [Field : MyFinalRate2]
    Use: Rate Price Field
    Width: @@VCHRateWidth
    Storage: MyFinalRate2
    ;;Set as: $$CollectionField:$MyFinalRate:1:BatchAllocations
    Set always: Yes
    inactive: $$isEnd:$Stockitemname
    Skip on: @@hasinvsuballoc AND NOT @@isPOSInvoice

    Setval : if @@HasInvSubAlloc then $$CollectionField:$MyFinalRate:1:BatchAllocations else +
    if $BilledQty = 0 then 0 else +
    if $$IsValidPriceLevel:$PriceLevel then $$ForexValue:mad:@StdVchRate else +
    if $StockItemName != #VCHPrevItem AND NOT $$IsStartupValue then $$ForexValue:mad:@StdVchRate else +
    if ($Amount != 0) AND ($Amount != @@CalcedAmt) then @@NrmlAmount / $BilledQty else +
    if $$IsFieldEdited OR $$InAlterMode then $$Value else +
    if $$IsEmpty:$$Value then $$ForexValue:mad:@StdVchRate else $$Value

    Set as : If #VCHBilledQty = 0 OR #VCHBilledQty != 0 then @Setval else @Setval

    [#Field: VCH NrmlRate]
    Add : Option : MyRate2 : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [#Field: VCH POS Rate]
    Add : Option : MyRate2 : @@isSales and @@isFinalRateOn

    [!Field : MyRate2]
    Delete: Set as
    Add: Set as : ($MyFinalRate2 *100 ) / (100 + $RateofVAT:Stockitem:$Stockitemname)
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  10. kamal

    kamal Member

    Dear sir,
    when trying in release 3.7 showing error
    ForexValue:mad:@StdVchRate could not find description.

  11. Shalin

    Shalin New Member

    Dear All,
    can i get above TDL...
    pls mail

  12. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    Just copy the codes and paste to a text file. It all yours. Simple.

  13. Shalin

    Shalin New Member


  14. Shalin

    Shalin New Member

    its not working. pls check your email i had sent srceen shot.....

  15. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    Use attached file.

    Attached Files:

  16. Shalin

    Shalin New Member

    Greats Its Working... Thanks...

  17. psjain_jal

    psjain_jal Member

    this code was given by Mr Nirav. Why you copy the code & claim or showing the solutions was given by U. & stop blaming the others for coping the codes.

  18. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    @ psjain_jal, I never claim any codes to my codes. Here also I am helping the user to provide above codes in text file, as pasting the codes convert some character to smilies. Please be patience.

  19. kamal

    kamal Member

    Dear experts Tax Inclusive not working for Release 4.6 its working in Rel 4.5 please suggest me to update changes in release 4.6

  20. Shalin

    Shalin New Member

    Dear All, thanks for Extended Support. do you have TDL to price inclusive rate invoice??

  21. piyush.prl

    piyush.prl New Member

  22. Gaurav Kothari

    Gaurav Kothari New Member

    Reverse Calculation is not working in tally.ERP9 4.91

  23. priya

    priya Member

    "" Error T0027 - Attribute definition started without a valid description '''
    This is the error I am getting while using the TDL in Tally 4.91 version stat 234. This is only for your information and for identifying the reasons. By the way, A very Happy New Year to You Mr. Nirav. I have come across many of your TDL, which are working excellent. I do not understand where I went wrong in using this TDL. Thank you for your contribution. Bye

  24. Amitkumar

    Amitkumar Member

    Will this code work in 5.4 release . i tried but its not showing any effect

  25. Aniishkumar

    Aniishkumar New Member

    how to print % symbol after Collecting rateofvat ($Rateofvat:StockItem:$StockItemName ). i am tried this below line but not working pls help me. $Rateofvat:StockItem:$StockItemName + "%"

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