Mastering CSS Grid 2021 – With 3 cool projects

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    What you’ll learn

    • How to implement responsive layouts using CSS Grid
    • How to build regular layouts in CSS Grid
    • All properties that are part of the CSS Grid Specification
    • How to build commonly used sites such as YouTube using CSS Grid

    • Some knowledge of CSS and HTML
    • Flexbox is optional but preferred

    CSS Grid is a relatively new and unused concept to CSS. It’s very important these days that our layouts are simple to maintain, and easy to adjust based on the dimensions of our device. CSS grid simplifies this process over other existing strategies.

    In this course we take you deep into how to build a variety of different layouts in CSS Grid. We cover the following:-

    1. All the properties in CSS Grid, how they work, and any gotchas that you may not be aware of when using them.
    2. Alignment and how it works in CSS Grid, including the alignment of tracks and grid items at the grid container level. We also show you how to override alignment at the grid item level.
    3. The basics of responsive web design, such as media queries and how they work with mobile / tablet etc.
    4. Grid areas and how it helps simplify responsive web design
    5. The concept of implicit and explicit grids and what the differences are
    6. A deep look into the Autoplacement algorithm
    7. Animation at a high level and what works currently with CSS Grid
    8. How to convert some layouts in Flexbox to use CSS Grid instead
    9. When to use Flexbox over CSS Grid

    Once we cover all of these concepts, we then go about showing you some basic layout problems and how they can be solved. This includes:-

    1. Column based layout
    2. Basic Sidebar layout
    3. Vertical Text alignment
    4. Modal alignment
    5. Stick footer layout
    6. Formatting form fields

    And hopefully in future much more. We then look at some advance layout topics such as:-

    1. The Holygrail layout
    2. The Media Objects layout
    3. A Viewport Friendly Image Gallery
    4. A Responsive Image Gallery
    5. An Animated Sidebar
    6. A Monthly Calendar layout
    7. A Newspaper Cover layout
    8. A Responsive Twitter Clone Layout
    9. A Responsive Movie Gallery

    Then if you haven’t had enough, we have 3 real life application examples that will give you the experience you need. They are:-

    1. A Chat UI interface
    2. An Uber Eats Clone Responsive Application
    3. A YouTube Clone Responsive Application
    Who this course is for:

    • Web Developers
    • Web Designers
    • User Experience Designers
    • Front End Developers
    • Full Stack Developers

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