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  1. Vikram Bhat

    Vikram Bhat Member

    Dear Experts,
    I am Try to invoice direct Print Selected in day book But Costumer address,Bank Details and GST Analysis Not Coming please help in this problem

    Button:print all
    Button:print Selected

    [Button:print all]
    Title:"Print all sales"
    Key: Alt + L
    Action: Print Report:mynewinvoiceprint
    Scope : Selected Lines

    [Button: Print Selected]
    Title : "Print Selected Sales "
    Key : Alt + S
    Action : Print Report: mynewinvoiceselectprint
    Scope : Selected Lines

    [Report: mynewinvoiceselectprint]
    Form : MyInvoice
    Print Set : Report Title : "TAX INVOICE (Selected)"
    Local : Part : Default : Float : No
    Collection : Selected Obj Collection

    [Collection: Selected Obj Collection]
    Data Source : Report : Selected
    Fetch : All Ledger Entries
    [#Collection: Daybook Vouchers of Company]
    Child Of:$$VchTypeSales
    Fetch : InventoryEntries.*
    Fetch : LedgerEntries.*

    Print Set : Report Title : "TAX INVOICE"
    Local : Part : Default : Float : No

    Child Of:$$VchTypeSales

    [#Form:sales color]
    delete:print ;; for non obtaining tally default invoice
    ; Set : SVCurrentUILanguageId : 1102

    Print Set : Report Title : "TAX INVOICE"
    Local : Part : Default : Float : No

    [Form : MyInvoice]
    Delete : Parts
    Delete : Bottom Parts
    Width : 8.5 Inch
    Height : 6 Inch
    Space Top : 0.05 Inch
    Space Right : 0.10 Inch
    Space Left : 0.10 Inch
    Space Bottom: 0.05 Inch
    Width:98% Page
    Height:98% Page
    Delete:page Break
    Add:page Break:GSTINVClosingPageBreak,GSTINVOpeningPart
    Add:part:STDInvoiceTop,GSTINVTopInfoPart,GSTINVTopPart,GSTINVMidInfoPart,GSTINVDetailsHPart,OTS Invoice Body Coloumns
    Add : Bottom Part:GSTINVTINvBottomOne,GSTINVTINvBottomTwo,GSTINVTINvBottomFour,GSTINVTINvBottomFive

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  2. Mohan.S

    Mohan.S Member

    Dear Sir,
    share your full code for solve your issue. send code with gst analysis definition.

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