Problem in walk collection for LedgerEntries in current report

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Properson2020, Mar 18, 2023 at 2:33 PM.

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    I wanted to walk collection of current report like daily report to LedgerEntries but my filter is not working is their is any way to solve this problem or any alternet way to solve this

        FilerMasterID :$$AsReqObj:$$FilterValue:$MasterID:CrrMstIDcoll:First  ;;this is broken not working
    [Collection : CrrMstIDcoll]
        Data Source : Report : All
        Fetch : MasterID
    [Collection : CurREPTcoll]
        Type : Voucher
        Fetch : *, InventoryEntries.*, AllLedgerEntries.*
        Filter : newfilterpp
        01 : WALK COLLECTION : CurREPTcoll
        02 : Set:vchnumoflg: $$String:$VoucherNumber
        03 : WALK COLLECTION :LedgerEntries
        04 : Log:$$String:##vchnumoflg + " | " + $$String:$LedgerName
        05 : END WALK
        06 : END WALK
        07 : Log:$$String:"---END---"

  2. Sorry to say, but what you want to do with above code? prima facie it seems that you want to gather ledger name from collection CurREPTcoll through function. and you will get also.
    Elaborate your question properly I will try to answer you...

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