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  1. Ready with the Quotation Module. Please have a look at it.

    Quotation Options.jpg
    Entry Level Of Quotation :- Quotation Entry.jpg Follow ups of the quotation During Different Dates. Quotation Follow ups.jpg Quotation Print :- Quotation Invoice.jpg Quotation Report.jpg
    Quotation Report :-


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    Please Mail me On :-vision258111@gmail.com

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  7. This code is also useful for day to day transactions , send the code if possible to gunnayyasri@gmail.com

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  11. Everyone please check your mail as I have sent you tcp to understand the working of it. Thank you for the patience

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    what is price for this to resale?

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  20. Thank you so much for showing your interests. Please check your mail for further discussions.

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    please share l this module to : kvguntur1@gmail.com

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