Refresh Tally with out restart the Application - TDL Code

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  1. admin

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    The below code explains you the Refresh Tally with out restart the Application while you are doing the program testing or debugging.

    [#Menu    :Gate way of Tally]
        Add    :Button    :Refresh TDL
    [Button    :Refresh TDL]
        Title    :"Refresh TDL"
        Key        :Alt+X
        Action    :Refresh TDL
    [System    :Form keys]
        Key    :Refresh TDL
    [System    :Menu Keys]
        Key    :Refresh TDL
    [#Form    :Default]
        Key    :Refresh TDL
    [#Menu    :Default]
        Key    :Refresh TDL   

  2. HVPatel

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    for multi user, one user entering or chaning into transaction, second user or owner at report screen refresh report to update.

  3. admin

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    It can be done.. But the report should be associated with existing objects.



    nice admin good i like i.many time refresh is required in Tally.
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  5. Trisul Emichand

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    Excelet .. Best regards, work for me

  6. G Vijay

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    simple but much useful

  8. Ras Raj

    Ras Raj Member

    Dear Expert...
    i am fresher in TDL. but i note that in voucher alteration & Voucher Detail report "Alt+X" used for Cancel the voucher

    so instead of "Alt+X" use "Ctrl+Z", because this key combination not used in Tally and we able to refresh in voucher alteration mode also.
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  9. kirantikare

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    Thanks a lot Admin, for our precious time saving !!!

  10. Kaushik

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    Tiny but Very Very use full utility for developer / learner

  11. Jitendra Velani

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    ok, More Helpfull for TDL Developer

  12. Iyer

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    Dear Sir
    Am getting this error in tally 9 rel 2.14 Please

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  13. Manoj Garg

    Manoj Garg Member

    This will not work in Tally 9.

  14. Jitendra Velani

    Jitendra Velani New Member

    This will not work in Tally 9 Rel.2.14
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  15. Murali.R

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    Thanks admin

  16. Thank you for this helpful code...//

  17. Gopaalran

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    Thanks Admin

  18. TCreat

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    Dear Admin

    Can you tell how to create log file in tally

    eg:it user creating ledger or stock item or sales invoice it will come in log file
    plz guide me..

  19. Pupesh Arora

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  20. Pupesh Arora

    Pupesh Arora Member

    But this is not working. Please help. I am not getting TDL refresh in my Menu

  21. Pupesh Arora

    Pupesh Arora Member

    Thanks, Its working

  22. Salasaran

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  23. sayed

    sayed Member

    problem in stock summary
    I have come to the cause of the problem
    The problem occurs because of the cost of each separate godown
    For example
    i have tow godowns (godown 1 and godown 2)
    and i have one item ( item a ) and i will use cost avg
    If i buy 10 item a in godown 1 rate 10 total amount will be in godown 1 100
    and If i buy item a in godown 2 rate 9 total amount will be in godown 2 90
    total amount in all 190 this good but the problem is in separate cost to each godown
    in this case if i transfer 5 unit from godown 2 to godown 1 the rate cost in godown 1 is 9.67 total amount in godown 1 = 15*9.67=145 and the rate cost in godown 2 is 9 total amount in godown 2 =5*9=45
    to now no problem
    but now if i transfer stock 10 unit from godwn 1 to godwn 2 this is the problem here u can find loss 1.64 and cost to godwon 1 will be 5 unit*9.67=48 and cost to godwon 2 will be 15 unit *9.34=140.03
    in first i had stock in total in all company =190
    now my stock in total company is 188.36
    no sales this is just transfer
    sir solution this problem is very easy
    1- transfer stock in stock jv must be without rate and amount
    2- if i buy the same item in more than godown in Different rate must be find allocation this cost in each godown (means not godown 1 10 unit *10 =100 and in godown 2 10 unit * 9=90 this is very wrong this is the problem must tally give me cost like in godwon 1 10 unit *9.5= 950 and in godown 2 10 unit * 9.5=950 auto allocation cost in all godowns if tally to that this problem will done )
    sir separate cost in each godwon is very wrong must be when purchase by Different rate in any godown must be change all rate in other godown must be the in all godwns is the same
    1-sir if we buy stock in godwn 1( 10 unit rate 10 amount will be 100 )
    and if i buy the same item in godown 2 (10 unit rate 9 amount will be 90)
    total amount in godown 1( 100) and total amount in godwn 2 (90) and rate in godown 1 will be (10) and rate in godown 2 will be (9) this is Reason the problem in consumption the is the wrong
    i want the same rate in all godown ( rate must be in godown 1 (9.5) and in godown 2 ( 9.5)
    this is no.1 to solution my problem
    2-and after that remove stock jv from stock summary
    3-and in stock jv voucher i want hidden rate and amount (that in voucher stock jv entry )
    this all i want

  24. Subash

    Subash New Member

    Dear sir
    What is Tally ERP Series B, where we can find its setup file ?, what is Difference between Series A & B ?

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