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Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Johar, Jun 18, 2022.

  1. Johar

    Johar Member

    Amit Sir,

    In voucher screen without saving we have option to print can we disable it (i.e without saving you cannot take print), please guide me


  2. Johar

    Johar Member

    Got the solution Thxs

  3. Johar

    Johar Member

    Amit Sir,

    Why is it SVPrintAction SubForm is not getting deactivate is there another name for that Form, can you guide me please

    Local : Button : SVPrintAction : Inactive : Yes

  4. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Possible 2 reasons.......
    1 - You might be referencing the wrong FORM.........
    2 - Your Inactive command is being superceded at other places.... you need to search and locate that and INACTIVATE at that definition level.

  5. Johar

    Johar Member

    When I use this command it open form but print button is in deactive mode

    [#button : svprintaction]
    Inactive : yes

    but the same I use in my print form it doesn’t get deactivated please can you tell me the form name


  6. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    give me screenshots and also what and where you want to deactivate.

  7. Johar

    Johar Member


    Attached image and code for the same


    ;[#Button: SVPrintAction] ;;; When i use this it disable but not in form as mentioned below
    ; Inactive : Yes

    [#Form: Sales Color]
    Local : Key : Print Button : Inactive : Yes
    ;Button : SVPrintAction : Inactive : Yes ;;;; it does'nt gets disable
    On : Form Accept : yes : Call : PrnInvBTN

    [Function : PrnInvBTN]
    100 : Print : Printed Invoice : True

    Attached Files:

  8. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Form: VCH Print Configure

  9. Johar

    Johar Member

    Thankyou Sir my problem got solved

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