Sales Ledger Summary Based on Two Date from Vouchers

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  1. Ishwar G

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    AMIT JALAN Member

    Please Try to Restart Tally & Reopen the report. You have commented the Attribute "BY" in your code. Might be the collection has been generated before commenting the code.
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  3. Ishwar G

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    Thank You Sir,
    I Uncommented the "BY" and commented the "Compute" for LedName, so Query No 1 is Solved,
    but still Query No 2 is not solved. Still it's showing Parent for PartyLedgerName not for LedgerName.

    Please clear my confusion about the system.

  4. Ishwar G

    Ishwar G New Member

    And One More Things,
    How to sum or Aggregate Sales amount of Related LedgerName based On Date Criteria


    AMIT JALAN Member

    You have to define two different collections for two different purposes.

    1st With By attribute for aggregation

    And 2nd with Compute attribute for report


    AMIT JALAN Member

    If you use By attribute with Date, you can aggregate with date.

  7. Ishwar G

    Ishwar G New Member

    I Tried with "BY" with Date, But its not working well,

    I Grouped LedgerName Using "By" Between DateRange In [Collection : LedgerUnderSalesCollSummary]
    and just want to Amount of Grouped LedgerName between Two Days.

    I Tried LedDrAmt as follows:
    ;If ($$IsDr:$Amount and ($VchDate >= $$Date:"20220701" and $VchDate <= $$Date:"20220830")) then $Amount else ""
    Tried this Alos,
    ; SalesDrAmt:$$FromValue:mad:@fDt1:$$ToValue:mad:@TDt1:$Amount:$LedName:$$GroupSales

    I Could'nt get any satisfied result.

    So, Please if You Experts have any solution about my issue, kindly help me.

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