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Discussion in 'Tally.ERP 9' started by Amit Kamdar, Mar 26, 2019.

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    New release.....expected by 18th June, 2019.

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  2. Amit Kamdar

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    1. no Home Page like before..... Select Company Menu will have all...Create/Alter, Login, Configure, Security etc

    2. F11 Features....now all combined in one Menu page for faster access.

    3. Master Creations also combined in one single Menu.

    4. GST has been enhanced a lot. Now multiple GST registration in single company available.

    5. GST Reporting also enhanced and with direct and better connectivity to GST portal.

    6. GST Activity report introduced to track changes/returns etc.

    7. Reconciliation of GST Purchase Trxns introduced. (direct with portal)

    8. Smart Go.....introduced......hyper to jump to any report from Gateway.......

    9. Likewise Alt+F3 Co.Management now under Ctrl+1 Menu item.

    10. Ctrl+2 for GST Portal login

    11. Ctrl+3 for Data Management.

    12. Multi tasking enabled.... jump from one task to another.

    13. Single Gateway for all Voucher types entry.

    14. Debtors/Creditors Ledger Reconciliation.

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    1. Home Page of Tally has been removed. It means you will not get the option of create company backup, restore option on starting of Tally. But you will get the option of Select Company where it will list down the option to Create Company, Select from Path, Login as Remote user, Configure or Specify data location.
    2. If you will create New Company in Tally-18 it will directly ask you to enable F11 feature, which are feature you going to use.
    3. F11 Feature which was divided into Accounting Feature, Inventory Feature, Statutory and Tax feature has been removed in Tally-18 and it has been combined on single page as F11 Feature, where you can find all the option all together.
    4. Earlier Tally has different Master Creation option for Payroll, Accounting, and Inventory now Tally-18 have single master creation screen where you can create all Accounting, Inventory & Payroll master all together.
    5. You can create and save multiple GST Registration in single company. You don’t have to create multiple data state wise.
    6. There is massive changes in GST Report. GSTR1/GSTR2/GSTR3B option has been removed now and Tally will be auto connected with your GSTIN login portal and you can export any single entry as well on portal and lock any invoice on real time basis.
    7. Activity Report in GST Report where you can track your activity to be done or already done for specific period.
    8. Reconciliation with GST is amazing feature under GST report where you can reconcile your Purchase invoice directly with GSTIN portal.
    9. Send to GST report where you can upload bulk or single invoice as per your demand and time.
    10. Return type GSTR1/GSTR2/GSTR3B is available under send to GSTIN Report where you can select return type and select the type of return.(It will be enhanced further)
    11. Smart Go to Feature from Gateway of Tally where you can Jump on any report from Gateway of Tally
    12. Click CTL+1 for company management (All feature which is available under ALT+F3 option in current Tally)
    13. Click CTL+2 for Login management for GSTIN Portal
    14. Click CTL+3 for Data Management
    15. Multi Tasking option, you can click on any task and jump on home page of Tally and can work on any other task and can view task in background at any time.
    16. Accounting Voucher/ Inventory Voucher/ Payroll Voucher/Order Voucher all voucher option has been removed no, single gateway for all voucher types.
    17. New feature option under voucher type creation alteration screen given called as enable active yes or no which will help you to activate the voucher or deactivate the voucher.
    • Example if you have voucher name as Sales-16-17 and now this voucher is no more in use then you can deactivate the voucher.

    18. Auto fill option under Payment option for Taxes where Tax amount will be auto fill, you don’t have to type Tax amount manually.

    19. New option of Ledger Reconciliation which will help you to reconcile your ledger with vendor books of accounts.

    20. User Name will be displayed under login screen which will help to identify which user has logged in the company.

    Many more.....stay tuned for further update....
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    Any way we can get the demo version of Tally 18 ??

  6. Frz

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    to those that have used "Tally18", does it say Tally18 or Tally7?
    as per the official tally partners, there is no confirmation on the release date yet

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