Tally Prime Release 2.0 Beta

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  1. Tally Prime Release 2.0 Beta is available for download

    Experience the preview version of the upcoming TallyPrime Release 2.0

    1. Existing customers with a valid TSS subscription can download and start using the BETA release immediately. In case customers with an inactive TSS subscription want to experience the BETA product, they will have to renew their TSS first.
    2. BETA is a fully tested product, so you can go live with your data on TallyPrime Release 2.0 BETA. However, it is advisable to take a backup of the data.
    3. TallyPrime Server is also being made available as part of BETA. So, customers with TallyPrime Server will have to download and install TallyPrime Server Release 2.0 BETA along with TallyPrime Release 2.0 BETA.
    4. The purpose of BETA release is to give you an early preview of new features and capabilities in this release and allow you to experience it first-hand. However, we will have a final release happening in a few days from now. It is important that you install the final release as and when it is available.

  2. abhinand vk

    abhinand vk Active Member

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  3. jgkumar1976

    jgkumar1976 Member

    once you have tried to upload April 2021 GSTR1 to GSTN from tally prime 2.0

    definetly it will shows error

  4. Sure it will give error because it supports GSTR1 1.8excel template. Earlier in Apr 2021 1.7excel template was used.

  5. jgkumar1976

    jgkumar1976 Member


    if late filers used to 2.0 is not succeed

  6. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    Anyone can tell me in release 2.0 it is possible to generate part A Slip (way bill) by giving only transporter Id
    when I tried to generate way bill it ask for vehicle number
    in way bill portal we usually generate Part A slip then transporter update it with part B

  7. kishan_raval

    kishan_raval New Member

    Leave "Transport Mode" as Not Applicable to generate Part A ewaybill
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  8. It says invalid credentials

  9. Just succeeded. Disable any tdl used for distance. I just disabled it & got it.

  10. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    Thanks brother its worked

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