TDL to Export only Voucher Name,ledgerNames and Amount of specific voucher type

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Amit Walters, Feb 7, 2023.

  1. Amit Walters

    Amit Walters New Member

    I have developed a TDL to export All vouchers of a specific voucher type. but I am able to export only the voucher name, date and type. I am unable to export ledger entry like name and amount. to XML format.

    Day book xml request generates very big response record and if the number of voucher in the given date range is high it takes very long time.
    I need only few entry Voucher Number, date in yyyymmdd format , ledger Name and ledger Amount to match it with 3rd party fee program data for verification.

  2. Amit Walters

    Amit Walters New Member

    Please help ! I am new in writing TDL code as much I understand its structure. When I am trying to use collection AllLedgerEntries it is giving access violation and tally is closing down. As a C++ programmer I can understand that something need to be defined.
    Please Help if required I will upload my TDL code and request XML.

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