This TDL use BrowseFolder.dll to browse backup & restore folder like in windows

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    working perfectly in tally erp 6.1...
    thanks sir

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    Its absolutly perfect boss

  3. VDS Pune

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    thank you sir, but i get one error

    what will i do now?

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  5. Subash

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    Dear sir

    Please help me i have a problem with inventory manufacturing journal, i want reflect dual effect of expenses mentioned in manufacturing journal for example if we add expenses worth 5000/- on head of wages then we have to shown in wages ledger but in wages ledger there is no any amount, screen is given below please guide me. thanks

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    Change sum code for location of file use in Document Attachment
    ( class code)

    Public Class BrowseFile
    Public Function SelectFile(ByVal OFDlgInitialDrectory As [String]) As String
    Dim FBDG As New System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog
    Dim xStr As String = ""
    If FBDG.ShowDialog <> Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Cancel Then
    xStr = FBDG.FileName
    End If
    Return xStr
    End Function
    End Class

    /*(TDL File Code)*/

    [COM Interface:TDLSelectFileInterface]
    Project :BrowseFile
    Class :BrowseFile
    Interface :SelectFile
    Parameter :p1:String:in
    Parameter :p4:String:Out

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    Our old friend Mr. Jobimon Arackal John has posted this "Facebook post" in his Facebook page.This post is about to searching GST number from Tally in GST website. While creating Ledger after you enter GST number in tally, it will take you automatically to GST website which is autofilled with the GST number you entered in Tally. The GST website will show you whether the number you have entered is correct or not.

        On:Accept:Yes:Field Accept
        000:Browse Url:""+ ##pvGSTIN+"&PanNum="+##pvPAN

    You are allowed to use the code freeely. But I think we must say thanks to him as a courtesy . A like on his page will encourage him to post more.
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    SANDEEP SAHNI New Member

    Thanks its working fine

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