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Discussion in 'Tally.ERP 9' started by Gaurav Kothari, Jan 21, 2015.

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    As far as I heard from experts water mark is not possible in Tally at present. The image in the link seems to be:

    The water mark is printed via other programs like word/pdf and the printed paper is again used to print Invoice.

    The same method I am following for my invoices and for pay slips............First take water mark print on paper via MS Word and use that printed paper for printing from Tally, simple...............
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    You may be correct Mr. Kurian

  4. sanskruti

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    you can make water mark in printer option -> effect ->watermark
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  5. dhiraj

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    To my knowledge water mark can be done through paint and then save in jpg or any other format....

  6. dhiraj

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    Convert to PDF then edit in paint and save

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    How to set gridlines in invoice print

  8. rishabhexp

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    the best solution to this is add a separate printer configuration and in that select water mark in the printer settings. and then use that printer for tally and other named driver for rest of the tally

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    It is possible print direct invoice in word xml

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