Any TDL to add new column of MRP rate based on bat no of items.

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    Dear sir,

    i am having small business of medical... i am usingold tally erp . i wish to add extra column in sales invoice ,,with different MRP Rate of each batch.. .. e.q. paracetamol 10mg bat 1 mrp 50.00 some time other bat will have different mrp.. bat 2 mrp 52.00 .. .thanks and regards,, but calculation to be done on rate only... not on MRP..

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    email id please


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    I have provided storage for batch-wise MRP in purchase register but don't know how to fetch the same in the sales voucher entry.

    Please help me to get the MRP of the particular batch in the sales voucher

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    Objectify it.............. in [#Object : Voucher]


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