Complete Responsive Web Development: 4 courses in 1

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    What you’ll learn

    • Will be able to create responsive and user friendly web pages
    • Will be proficient on HTML5
    • Will be proficient on CSS3
    • Will be able to show as expert on HTML5 and CSS3 on their resume
    • You will master yourself in Bootstrap
    • You will master yourself in jQuery

    • No prior technical knowledge required

    === Our students reviews regarding this course ===

    “This course deserves more than 200$” — Mohamed Laqlii

    “A-class course. So excited that I am taking it.” — Krassimir Boyanov

    “Great and very clear teaching. Easy to understand and follow, I highly recommend this class.” — Kingsley Onuoha

    “Very easy to understand, the instructor has a mastery of the subject.” — Carlos Rivera

    “I enjoyed this course, the instructor has good knowledge of the subject, the lesson plans are prepared and explained well.” — Michael Pritchard

    “Interesting contribution on the applications that can be used for HTML development.” — Francisco J. Parrilla

    “It was a brilliant course to learn web development in the shortest way possible. It was very helpful and enjoyed learning. The expertise of the teacher is quite enormous in the field” — Shahriar Alam

    “While I already a fair amount of knowledge and understanding relating to the concepts in this video I wanted to reassess some bad habits that I feel I’ve developed in order to improve my skills and workflow. This course has helped me to identify methods and habits that I could improve upon as I’m still very early on in my coding and programming education.” — EstenGrove

    “I have completed HTML and CSS. both of the courses have been amazing. the tutor explains the stuff in a very understandable manner.” — Adit Kalyani

    By completion this course, you will be able to read and write front end web development code using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap & jQuery. This course gives you hands on and practical experience on detailed HTML5, CSS3 , Bootstrap & jQuery. Contents of this tutorial #

    Mastering HTML5

    • Introduction to HTML
    • HTML4 vs. HTML5
    • Making your first HTML page
    • Tools to create HTML files
    • Base HTML Tags
    • Paragraph Tags
    • Break Tags
    • Header Tags
    • Bold and Italic Tags
    • Ordered and unordered Lists
    • Image Tags
    • Difference between Absolute Links and Relative Links
    • Hyperlinking to an external page
    • Hyperlinking to an email address
    • Hyperlinking to a file in your site
    • Playing and Controlling Audio
    • Playing and Controlling Video

    Mastering CSS3

    • What is CSS? Why we need it?
    • What’s new in CSS3
    • CSS Selectors, properties and attributes
    • ID Selectors
    • Class Selectors
    • Element Selectors
    • All Selectors
    • Inlinse style sheets
    • External Style sheets
    • The Box model
    • Adding Color
    • Working with fonts
    • Background images
    • Styling ID tags
    • Float and Clear
    • Block and inline elements
    • Positioning
    • Adding the elements

    Mastering Bootstrap

    • Why Bootstrap?
    • Downloading Bootstrap
    • Adding Bootstrap in your site
    • Creating the navigation
    • Styling images
    • Creating the footer
    • Adding styled buttons

    Mastering jQuery

    • What is jQuery and what you will learn?
    • Downloading jQuery
    • A first look at jQuery code
    • Selectors and Filters
    • Replacing contents
    • Handling events
    • Hide/Show events
    • Fading
    • Slide
    • Toggle
    • Animate
    • Selectors
    • Filters
    • Advanced Selectors
    • Creating Content
    • Creating Content: Part 2
    • Inserting content
    • Modifying content
    • Modifying CSS
    • Final thoughts

    Learning HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap & jQuery is one of the fastest ways to improve your career, specially on web development.

    Hope this course will be used as a helping hand for your prospective career. Please dig on free preview videos for more information.

    Who this course is for:

    • Who wanna learn Responsive Web Development
    • Who wanna learn HTML5
    • Who wanna learn CSS3

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