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Discussion in 'Requests' started by Vijayvarghese, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Vijayvarghese

    Vijayvarghese New Member

    Hi every one

    I am a new member here and my name is Vijay .

    I believe a Dark theme would dramatically bring down the strain on our eyes and power consumption. My knowledge with coding is very limited to html and javascript. i have not coded any thing since a decade thus had to request tally support team regarding this feature . The support team suggested to go ahead with a paid customization .

    Recently i came across a tdl extension for changing the colors, took a look inside as it was not compiled and i edited to make some changes .
    All i could understand was the RGB color codes some how after spending some time i began to understand a little bit .

    After removing the bright colors i felt much better .I had contacted the author of tdl by mail and so far i have not got a response hope he does not mind editing his work .

    i am sharing a Video preview and tdl for reference .

    I would be glad if some one can help me with the below to enhance the aesthetics

    1) Need to change the body font color to white
    2) Change the POS voucher window background color . (That is the place where i speed most of the time)
    3) Edit Button style to remove the borders completely
    4) Ledgers background color
    5) F11 company features backgound window color
    6) f8-->List of stock items-> "...1 more item and xxxx more item " text color change
    7) Selection bar-color
    8) sales register background color

    I would be more happy if any artist here could do a better job .

    here is a link to the video uploaded on youtube https://youtu.be/yKXzZ4UmSvw

    thank you

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  2. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Well the original Coder for this is not EXPLORE BUSY........ it is "Santosh Kurian" ....... and I doubt that they (explorebusy) can help for any changes, as they just collect codes made by others. As their names suggest..... they are busy in exploring the WEB and collecting codes.

    Well, now you have the basic file, which you have modified as per your use..... so same way you can refer to the respective field in TDE and by giving reference to them, you can change the rest of the colors.

    Let me give you a small boost.....

    for POS Invoice.........
    [System : Formula]
    SV_POS : White (or whatever color you want)

  3. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Here is a trial file..... which I have modified to cover almost all of Tally reports and forms, menus, cursors etc.

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  4. Vijayvarghese

    Vijayvarghese New Member

    Thanks for the info sir ! Dear Santhosh Kurian , if you are here on this forum ..i thank you with my whole heart .

    Sir i tried the POS code and worked fine , this attachment you gave is encoded tcp file .

  5. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Obviously it will be encoded......... as I said earlier.... a trial mode........

  6. Vijayvarghese

    Vijayvarghese New Member

    boost worked fine , thank you .

    Mean time i was searching for the right codes all around and found your own thread for colors here
    went through the code and found the below syntax did not work in that extension too .
    SV_LEDGER:BLACK did not give any changes to ledger background color .

    No luck with button border removal , few more boosts and the dark theme will look good enough . :)

  7. lumos

    lumos Member

    I Tried making this TCP earlier as I thought it would help accountants ease the strain on their Eyes but I got negative reviews . Anyways I am sharing the file here , hope it helps in your quest. Do suggest on what to improve.

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  8. Vijayvarghese

    Vijayvarghese New Member

    It actually does , I have reasons to believe from my personal experience and i believe its not a placebo effect . starring at bright Light source is trouble for eyes .
    forget the negative reviews , I appreciate your work . its good .

  9. sandeep76out

    sandeep76out New Member

    WOW :) nice look Sir
    in light looking good :cool: but how about in dark room i dont know i have to chk but i love it
    thank you

  10. Vijayvarghese

    Vijayvarghese New Member

    You will love it (actually your eyes)
    thanks for sharing the file ,I was able to get the code for the menu borders from your tcp , now the body text remains attaching a screen shot , i intend to change the body text color to white .

    Annotation 2019-07-29 193728.jpg
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  11. lumos

    lumos Member

    Thank you for your appreciation originally it was Amit Sir's and Santosh Sir's file which I integrated and modified to my liking. I am glad you guy's liked my work. I think there were few bugs here and there do inform and as always suggestions are welcome.
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  12. Vijayvarghese

    Vijayvarghese New Member

    Hi friends , I have been working on the same for some time now, would like to share some screen shots and the .txt file so that you can try this theme .

    There are few more parts where i could not change the colors. will keep trying on mean time please go through the images below .

    l 1 login.jpg 2 progress bar.png 3 alert box.png 4 exit alert.png 5 f 11 menu.png 6 config.png 7 ledgers.png 8 pos .png 9 pos dropdown.png 10 price list.png 11 main page.jpg 12 sales register.jpg 13 selection .jpg 14 pos entry.jpg

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  13. dark mode is nice
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  14. Manish Gangwani

    Manish Gangwani New Member

    how to change GSTR form Background & font color

  15. Vijayvarghese

    Vijayvarghese New Member

    yet to find the syntax , please give some time .

  16. drive

    drive Active Member

    ;;For GSTR
    SV_REPSTAT : Black
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  17. Vijayvarghese

    Vijayvarghese New Member

    Thanks a lot drive .

    This theme would be complete if you can assist me with a few more changes in below images ..

    1) Black fonts needs to changed in the audit reports

    1 pending audit.jpg

    2) F11 -> accounting feature and TSS Background color needs to be changed

    4 pending f11 acounting feature.jpg

    3) Sales voucher

    3 pending sales bill.jpg

    4) The blue text at the bottom in sales voucher

    2 pending sales voucher.jpg

    Once these small changes are done , i think this theme would be complete .

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  18. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Open Tally in developer mode..........
    Wherever you want to change the colors/background..... find out the report name by hovering your mouse on the empty part of the report.
    Once you get the report name search Developer for ............. " Report : This report"...............
    From report name..........find out the appropriate Form Name......... some reports have multiple forms, depends on conditions/activation etc

    Then either..................
    a. Refer that form name and change your colors.............OR
    b. find the color name from the Form/Part and change the color in the System Formula.

    Otherwise, going by your posts....you will making the whole TDL piece by piece, rather than on your own.

    Above methodology can also be applied for FONT colors as well...............

  19. drive

    drive Active Member

    For : Sales Accounting Allocation
    SV_UNBLUE : Black

  20. drive

    drive Active Member

    For : Company Operations
    SV_REPSTAT: Black

    [#Form: Company Operations]
    Background : Black

    For : Msg in Sales Vch
    [#Field:EI GSTPartyNoteMsg]
    Color : Black
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  21. sseema

    sseema New Member

    nice one, bless me i will learn this

  22. yes u will do it i bless u all the best

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