E-way Bill Details in Sales Columnar Report

Discussion in 'Free Source Codes' started by s.santhnam, May 24, 2019.

  1. s.santhnam

    s.santhnam New Member


    Tdl Member..

    i am new Member of This Forum.. i try to create One Report. its Working Fine..
    the Developer i Started with few Month Only.

    Tdl Expert Forum very use full for me Up coming New Programmers...

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  2. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Very good S. Santhnam ...

    Keep doing and learning new things.

  3. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    Please Post Screenshot.

  4. s.santhnam

    s.santhnam New Member

    f5.png 2.png 2.png
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  5. s.santhnam

    s.santhnam New Member

    Please check it.. i share the screen shots..

  6. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    Such a nice work.
    Keep it Up.
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  7. Frz

    Frz Member

    getting the same number and same details for all invoices:(:(

  8. s.santhnam

    s.santhnam New Member

    wait sir..
    i will check and revert you.

  9. Frz

    Frz Member

    did you check?

  10. Frz

    Frz Member

    Anyone able to sort out why the same e-way bill details showing?

  11. Frz

    Frz Member


  12. Frz

    Frz Member

    anyone else getting this error?
    or is it just me?
    any solution?

    i am not a programmer
    tried to learn TDL but have toadmit.....im hopeless
    so anyhelp would be appriceated

  13. ASHOK

    ASHOK Member

    Sir not working properly same repited

  14. Ashok Chordia

    Ashok Chordia New Member

    Sir Same e-Way Bill repeat in every transaction. please do the needful.

  15. Rakesh Kumar

    Rakesh Kumar Member

    Sir same e way bill is repeating in every transaction. Kindly guide

  16. Ashok Chordia

    Ashok Chordia New Member

    What should be done for not repeating Same e-Way Bill No. in columnar report for each Invoice

  17. s.santhnam

    s.santhnam New Member


    I fetch all the value based on the voucher no... i am using searchbykey : Voucher No..

    So.Please enable the Voucher Number Field

  18. s.santhnam

    s.santhnam New Member

    Its Working Fine..

  19. Rakesh Kumar

    Rakesh Kumar Member

    Dear S. Santhnam, please guide where I have to change in code
    to working fine.

  20. Ashok Chordia

    Ashok Chordia New Member

    Please send corrected E-Way Bill.txt file in which without any mistake like repeating e-way bill no. so that we can use your discovered file

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