Expired TCP File Running

Discussion in 'Free Source Codes' started by Anand Sharma, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Dear Experts

    I was Create One TCP File for 30 Days only but some user run expired tcp file with set system time & date (Back Date of System Time & Date). In This Case......... Plz Suggest me or tell me any code for restriction.

  2. ASHOK

    ASHOK Member

    Back System date & time me tally not working

  3. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    I don't think Tally will run properly, if System date is not properly set.

  4. drive

    drive Active Member

    it's complicated every time change date for use your tcp. after system date change other application not work like google chrome/internet explorer, google drive /One drive etc.

  5. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Drive Sir & Amit Sir Thanks For Replay
    I was send tcp file for 1 month demo & if requirement fullfill then purchase tcp file

    User Set System date then stat tally & close tally reset system date.....

    in this case My demo tcp file is running properly

    any code for check condition & not work tcp file in demo mode

  6. drive

    drive Active Member

  7. MarutiKalekar

    MarutiKalekar Member

    Through function, you can do this
    1. Schedule a system event which runs after every 24 hours
    2. Set the counter as per your trial period
    3. decrease the counter
    4. Invisible the fields or menu as the trial counter exceeds the count

  8. Vikram Bhat

    Vikram Bhat Member

    Can you help me the function on count please give me the code

  9. MarutiKalekar

    MarutiKalekar Member

    [System: Events]
        TCP VerCheck    : System Start    : Yes:Call: isTCPExpired
        Tcp CompLoad    : Load Company    : Yes:Call: isTCPExpired
    [Function: isTCPExpired]
        Variable: lastStartDate        : Date
        Variable: currentDate        : Date
        Variable: lastCount            : Number
        Variable: isLoadedFirstTime    : String
        010    : Set    :isLoadedFirstTime: $isLoadedFirstTime:Company:##SVCurrentCompany   
        020    : If: ##isLoadedFirstTime    = "NO"
        030    :     Call    : UpdateTCPTime
        040    : End If
        050    : Set    : lastStartDate    : $lastStartDate:Company:##svcurrentCOmpany
        060    : Set    : currentDate    : $$SysInfo:SystemDate
        070    : Set    : lastCount        : $TCPDayCount:Company:##svcurrentCOmpany   
    Object        : Company            : ##SVCurrentCompany
        080    : If: (##lastStartDate != ##currentDate)
        090: Set Target
        100    : Set Value    : TCPDayCount: (##lastCount + 1)
        110    : Set Value    : lastStartDate: $$SysInfo:SystemDate
        120    : Save Target:..
        130    : End If
    [Function: UpdateTCPTime]
        Object: Company : ##SVCurrentCompany
        020    : SET TARGET
        030    : Set Value    : isLoadedFirstTime: Yes
        040    : Set Value    : lastStartDate: $$SysInfo:SystemDate
        050    : Set Target:..
        060    : Accept Alter
    [System: UDF]
        lastStartDate        : Date        : 5421
        isLoadedFirstTime    : Logical    : 5422
        TCPDayCount            : Number    : 5423
    [System: Formulae]
        isTCPExpired    : If (($TCPDayCount:Company:##svcurrentCOmpany) < 30) then True else False
    New to TDL, tried something hope you like and another thing this has one drawback too, What if user enables the TCP on the required date or for a particular time
    for this you can enhance something like based on the Gap of dates

  10. Vikram Bhat

    Vikram Bhat Member

    Some Error Please Chek


  11. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    Stop This Thing.

    Making This Type of codes is Violation Of Licencing Rules.
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  12. MarutiKalekar

    MarutiKalekar Member

    It's working properly here. Use acceptalter, set target , etc
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  13. MarutiKalekar

    MarutiKalekar Member

    Hi, Thank you for your kind update.
    I was trying to just help to Mr. Vikram Bhat because few people are taking disadvantage of his hard work. Is tally have the solution for Mr. Anand Sharma problem??

  14. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Respected All Developers

    Thanks For Replay...... But i am facing this issue... some people use tcp file without renew or purchase with set system date & time ...
    i will try this code..... thanks for sharing this code.........
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  15. Vikram Bhat

    Vikram Bhat Member

    Its true

  16. M K RAJU

    M K RAJU New Member

    SAME ERROR SHARE CODE OR MAIL ME: mkraju_mst@rediffmail.com

  17. M K RAJU

    M K RAJU New Member

    Sir please give me working code or send me mail id mstbbvrm@gmail.com

  18. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    I am Build TCP File First Time....
    Plz Suggest Me...

    I Want To Build TCP File For Specific Serial No With 30 Days Only....

    is This Possible in Tally Developer 9 ?

    Plz Suggest Me...

  19. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    You can compile for a Serial Number from developer.... and also for 30 days control.

    In Build options.... select the "enable trial mode" and specify your days. Then select "authorization required" and select the serial number.

  20. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Thanks For Support & Replay Sir.... Its Working..... Thank you Very Much

  21. svn

    svn Member

    Hellow Sir,

    1) From Long Time I Have One Small Doubt Witch is If I Purchase Tally Developer With Present Rate 9000+GST,Is It Compulsory For Every Year Renewal.
    In case Am I Not Renewal for Tally Developer For Every Year Whats Benefits We Are (Missing) Not Eligible.
    2) If I Renewal for Developer for One Time What Exactly Amount for Renew ?

  22. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    It works like this.....if you are a dedicated and professional programmer and TDL maker ... then you need the TDE ..... consider it as an investment.

    Loss of benefit is simple .... you won't be able to compile the TCP after expiry and hence your efforts on TDL will be in vain, as you won't be able to sell. You can sell but then it will be open source and anyone can benefit from your efforts.

    Every year the renewal is 9k + GST.

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