Foreign Exchange rate not updated in auto Receipt Voucher

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Varadha, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Varadha

    Varadha Member

    Dear Amit sir and other tally Developers
    I wrote a progarm for auto receipt on saving of Sales Voucher with multi currency. However the foreign exchange rate given in sales voucher batch allocation for is not taking while creating receipt voucher instead it is taking default 1 foreign currency unit as exchange rate please help me i am uploading the code file and other screen shots for your observation Given Exchange Rate in sales Voucher.jpg Exchange rate taken in receipt Voucher.jpg

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  2. Ridwan

    Ridwan New Member

    did any one solve this!!!

  3. Varadha

    Varadha Member

    My self I solved it no response or no suggestions from forum

  4. deb

    deb New Member

    May I know what was your solution, please? I am trying to retrieve "Rate of Exchange" (as shown in your first screenshot) from Sales Voucher, without success. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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