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Discussion in 'Tally.ERP 9' started by VipulM, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. VipulM

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    I wanted help on the following.

    1. How do I get a line gap (blank lines) between two items
        Line    : EBDBCashTitle,EBDBCash,EBDBBank,EBDBHDFC,EBDBSCB,EBDBCashTot
    2. Is it possible to increase / decrease the font

    3. Default orientation as portrait

    3. I wanted to make a Table consolidating account balances from various ledgers to give a heads up view. Is it possible to make like a Table / Multi Column.

    So far I have been successful in getting all ledgers on the dashboard but it is more like a single column

  2. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    1.... Insert a Blank Line and inside that a blank you have a gap.
    2... Yes you define your own font and font height.
    3... You can define the Orientation at Form level. Look up "SVPrintOrientation" in Developer.
    4... You will have to make a collection wherein you can collect data as per your conditions.

  3. VipulM

    VipulM New Member

    1. I have put the following code with Blank. However only the 1st line gap is coming.

    ie. Appearing like this



    Should appear like this






        Line    : EBDBCash,Blank,EBDBBank,Blank,EBDBHDFC,Blank,EBDBSCB,Blank,Blank,EBDBCashTot
    Code for the blank

        Field    : EBDBLong Prompt
        Local    : Field    : Default        : Full Width: Yes
        Local    : Field    : EBDBLong Prompt    : Set as    : " "
    [Field:EBDBLong Prompt]
        Align               : Prompt
        Width               : @@LongWidth+3
        Skip                : Yes
        Fixed               : Yes

  4. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    you cannot have 100 BLANKS....... make blank1, blank2, blank3 and so on.............all blanks to be defined.... or u can use it like this.......

    [Field : Blank1]
    Align : Prompt
    Width : @@LongWidth+3
    Skip : Yes
    Fixed : Yes
    Set As : ""

    [Field : Blank2]
    Use : Blank1

  5. Varadha

    Varadha Member

    why don't you use empty after every field to get gap, it works like an empty filed please try it like
    Line : EBDBCash,Empty,EBDBBank,Empty,EBDBHDFC,Empty,EBDBSCB,Empty,EBDBCashTot.
    empty can be used anywhere like Part, line and field i hope it solves your problem

  6. VipulM

    VipulM New Member

    Did not work

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