GSTR2A Reconciliation Report

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by knsivam89, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. knsivam89

    knsivam89 Active Member

    Dear Experts
    How you all. After Long gap ill return to back to forum today. This is my new development to compare Portal and Tally GSTR2A Vouchers.

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  2. sekharchana

    sekharchana Member

  3. knsivam89

    knsivam89 Active Member

  4. sekharchana

    sekharchana Member

    Tried with json in the above trial version still showing "not in portal" but those invoices are in portal sir

  5. knsivam89

    knsivam89 Active Member

    The Following Conditions Should Be Check.

    1. JSon File GST Number and Tally Company GST Number Should be Same (Don't change Json file Name.)
    2. Period
    3. Ledger Should have GST Number

  6. sekharchana

    sekharchana Member

    point 2 missing as its trail version tcp

  7. knsivam89

    knsivam89 Active Member

    Yes. Now You can Check it with Jan, Feb, Mar Month Json files

  8. sandeep76out

    sandeep76out New Member

    Nice Work Sir

  9. knsivam89

    knsivam89 Active Member

    If Any Suggest. Please Mention it here.

  10. sandeep76out

    sandeep76out New Member

    month wise or 3 month wise verifies is the good ? GSTR 2a
    many dealers failing GSTR1 GSTR3b in 3 month ones

  11. muralikrishna

    muralikrishna New Member

    kn sivam
    GSTR2A Reconciliation
    how much this tool

  12. Eresh

    Eresh New Member

    Sir GSTR2A Reconciliation TDL file download Link Please.

  13. jgkumar1976

    jgkumar1976 New Member

    what is the cost sir, how will provide us

  14. Very nice sir, GSTR2A Reconciliation

    How to get code or which price your email id :

  15. anish

    anish Member

    Nice ! Appreciated

  16. hiteshhkj

    hiteshhkj Member

    sir i created gstr2a reconciliation tool
    but in my tool only single json file cam import
    i use this collection

    [Collection: GSTR2AB2BSrc]
    Data Source : File Json Zip : ##vJsonDirPath + ##vJsonFileName

    with this collection i can import only one json file
    please help me how can i import multiple json file in my report

  17. N vinoth

    N vinoth Member

    go to youtube ...type veeyes infotech find....GSTR2 tool available

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