How to Fetch VCh No & VCH billed Qty In sales Order Report

Discussion in 'Free Source Codes' started by Rishi kumar, Sep 4, 2023.

  1. Rishi kumar

    Rishi kumar Member

    Dear Expert
    I Have Create a simple Sale Order Report with All details Of Sales Order. Report is working Fine no Problem.
    Now I want to fetch VCh No & Vch Billed Qty against respective Order.
    For e.g.
    if i create a sales order with order No: 1 then against this i have created a Delivery Note with Del No: 11
    and against this DEl Note I have Created a Invoice whose vCH No: 55
    Now I want To fetch Vch No: 55 against this sales order in Report.

    The Collection I have used is simple as below.

    [Collection: SO Coll]
    Type: Vouchers
    Fetch: Date,Reference,Amount, InventoryEntries.*, LedgerEntries.*, BasicBuyername, StockItemName, PlaceofSupply
    Fetch: Rate , Batch Allocations.*, CustLength , CustWidth , CustThickness, BilledQty, VoucherNumber

    pls guide me how I fetch required data in sales Order Report.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Hems

    Hems Member

    As I know

    Kisi bhi dusre voucher type ke data ko apni report me apne voucher type ke collection ke anusar laane ke liye

    $$filtervalue, $$collectionfield, $$collectionfieldbykey

    In function ka use karte hain.

    Aap is forum me search kijiye inka use kese kiya jata hain.

  3. Rishi kumar

    Rishi kumar Member

    Collection fieldbykey यहाँ यूज हो नहीं सकता ।
    Collection field का यूज कर चुका हूँ इससे vch no आ तो जायेगा मगर जितने भी sales orders है सबके लिये एक ही voucher no आ रहा है
    मुझे सिर्फ वहीं vch no चाहिए जो उस order के लिए यूज हुआ है

  4. Hems

    Hems Member

    Collection me walk kijiye
    Search key बनाइये
    System formula बनाइये
    condition use कीजिये
    Fir result aa jayega

    जैसे partywise itemwise report में होता हैं

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