How to get a particular method value from a Collection table in a report

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  1. Shetmano

    Shetmano New Member

    Dear experts,
    I am trying to create a field in a pre-existing report. and the value of that field needs to be a CollectionField. I created the following code, but its not working. interesting if i use the same collection as a table in a Entry mode field (say voucher entry) then it works fine. but in the report the value comes up blank. Can someone please suggest what could i be doing wrong here.

    Here is my code:
    [#Line: LEDBILL SubTitle]
    Add: RightField: Comm


    Type : Vouchers: VoucherType
    Child of : $$VchTypePayment

    Fetch: PartyLedgerName

    By : Creditor_Name : $PartyLedgerName
    Aggr Compute: Pmt_Amt : Sum : $$FilterAmtTotal:AllLedgerEntries:IsDeemedPositive2:$Amount

    Format: $Creditor_Name, 20
    Format: $Pmt_Amt, 20

    [System : Formula]
    IsDeemedPositive2 : $IsDeemedPositive

  2. Mahesh Sethi

    Mahesh Sethi Member

    Dear Sir,

    Pls Explain & Draw your requirement in excel & upload here.


  3. Maulik Patel

    Maulik Patel Active Member

    Try this,

    [Field : Comm]
    Type : Amount Field
    Set As : $$CollectionField:$Pmt_Amt:1:Commission

  4. kamalpatel

    kamalpatel New Member

    hello sir
    i want to display two field values in another field
    sir is it possible to display two field values in another field...sir i display one field value in another field but i couldnot display two field values
    sir help me out sir.............

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