how to send sms from tally erp 9 with api

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    Note : free Send Support Only Non DND Mobile Number
    Note : I am not promote any website.

    Stap 1 : Go to Website :
    Stap 2 : Sign up ( Use Extra mobile Number )
    Stap 3 : Copy Api Key ( as per screen shot)
    Stap 4 : Create TDL Like This

    [#Menu: Gateway of Tally]
    Add: Button: Send SMS

    [System: Formulae]
    mKey : Copy your Api Key as per attachment
    mSMS : "This is test message"
    mToMobile : "9999999999" ;(for use Single send)
    mBulkMobile : "999999999,888888888,7777777777"

    [Button: Send SMS]
    Title : "Send SMS"
    Key : F8
    Action : Browse Url: "" + @@mKey+ "&sender_id=FSTSMS&message="+ @@mSMS +"&language=english&route=p&numbers="+ @@mToMobile

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    Awesome Bro

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