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Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Johar, Jan 8, 2022.

  1. Johar

    Johar Member

    [Collection: PSGroupH]

    Type : Vouchers : Voucher Type
    Child Of : $$VchTypeCredit Note
    Belongs To : Yes
    ;Fetch : BasicPurchaseOrderNo,

    [Collection: PSGroupH_Items]

    Source Collection : PSGroupH
    Walk : Inventory Entries
    By : StockitemName : $StockitemName
    By : Date : $Date
    By : VNo : $VoucherNumber
    Compute : SL : $AccountingAllocations[1].LedgerName
    Compute : Party : $PartyLedgerName
    Compute : Rate : $Rate
    Compute : ActualQty : $ActualQty
    Compute : BilledQty : $BilledQty
    Compute : Discount : $Discount
    Compute : Amount : $Amount

    In my Report I am trying to retrieve the data of CreditNote but why is it showing Report of Sales
    Can anybody help?

  2. Johar

    Johar Member

    Plz Help, cannot figure it out why am I getting data of Sales and not of Credit Note

  3. love

    love Member

    Child Of : $$VchTypeCreditNote ( remove space )

  4. Johar

    Johar Member

    Amit Sir, Admin anybody plz help

  5. As per your code Collection is right for credit note unitill or unless you post full code nobody will be able to give your right judgment or solutions as it might happen in your full code it might be sales written somewhere

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