Quick Entry : Sample : Payment , Receipt , Contra Entry

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by drive, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. drive

    drive Active Member

    this is sample for quick payment, receipt, contra entry in single entry mode for daily use

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  2. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    Good one.....

  3. Md Amjad Siddiqui

    Md Amjad Siddiqui New Member

    it is great but could you provide me excel tool like XLTool for importing data from excel to tally directly which should be free of cost?
    your integration is awesome but time taken as compare to XL Tool utility.

  4. srinu

    srinu New Member

    Super Sir,

    Please Send the Above Code With Text Format To srinu.mrk123@gmail.com

    Thanking you sir,

  5. Devaki

    Devaki Member

    It is copy and pasted . if you need i will send the link. other wise send the text file.

  6. Devaki

    Devaki Member

    jai kumar sir, it is copy and pasted. i am also having same file received from some one. if you want i will send the link where and when i got it. Ask him to upload the txt file.

  7. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

  8. Vikash_Dhamecha

    Vikash_Dhamecha New Member

  9. drive

    drive Active Member

    whatever wrong will be proved if u have link share it then finding out truth and lie. it ts copy and pasted or not
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  10. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    No need to prove .
    "Try to Improve"
    All Members Be Positive.
    Happy coding.

  11. madhusala

    madhusala New Member

    Please send me the link. Thanks in advance


    DANIELGORI New Member

    thank you sir

  13. young man

    young man New Member

    Devaki Madam,

    Please send source code to my email : haranribu@gmail.com

  14. RamRaju

    RamRaju New Member

    Hi madam. please send the code to chandhuraj@gmail.com. or please send tcp file with encryption. I need that customization. please help. anyone in the community. i am not going to sell the code, as one sir was suggesting. please help me
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  15. svn

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  16. svn

    svn Member

    please sent to srinu.mrk123@gmail.com

    thanking you.

  17. ONKAR

    ONKAR Active Member

    Dear Sir , Can you make same for QUICK POS SALES for tally pos billing

  18. Umashankar

    Umashankar Member

  19. Shreyansh Jindal

    Shreyansh Jindal New Member

  20. Vikash Kumar

    Vikash Kumar New Member

  21. Rakesh Kumar

    Rakesh Kumar Member

  22. Pradeep Kothari

    Pradeep Kothari New Member


  23. send code mam . tallyheaven@gmail.com

  24. Frz

    Frz Member

    Please send to frzroks@gmail.com

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