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  1. anajetli

    anajetli New Member

    I am writing code to get GST value........................ and selecting the GST ledger for recording....................
    what should I write to record it in selected ledger and...... after selection of ledger it write Total GST amount .................

    I mean

    GST is calculating line by line............... I want line by line total of GST in GST Total field......

    when all items done ................ and on reaching ledger selection .............. when I select the ledger........ it should record in the selected ledger with the GST total amount........... thats all

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  2. VimalMadurai

    VimalMadurai New Member

    Hi sir, i need to get the column of MRP in Sales and Purchase Voucher entry. Can you help me out?

  3. Gopaalran

    Gopaalran New Member

    Hello Sir,
    can any one help me to create Batch wise Item wise Reports.

  4. JObimon Arackal JOhn

    JObimon Arackal JOhn Active Member

    First you write the tdl. if any error comes All members are happy to help you
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  5. Jeetu Mutha

    Jeetu Mutha New Member

    i am using notify for last rate. i want to add notify for last discount in the same box so that they appear as "(Last Rate)-(Last Discount)". I am able to get the last rate and last disc in seperate notify events but that uses more time while passing a sales voucher. Kindly help.

  6. JObimon Arackal JOhn

    JObimon Arackal JOhn Active Member

    Can you elaborate

  7. Jeetu Mutha

    Jeetu Mutha New Member

    The code I am using is:

    [#Field: VCH BilledQty]
    Add : Option : VCH Sales Billed Qty : @@IsSales

    [!Field : VCH Sales Billed Qty]
    Notify: Maharaja: 1=1
    Notify: Maharaj: 1=1

    [System: Formula]
    Maharaja: $LastPurcPrice:StockItem:$StockItemName
    Maharaj: 100-($LastPurcCost:StockItem:$StockItemName)*100/$$Number:$LastPurcPrice:StockItem:$StockItemName

    I want both the notifications in single notification event separated by a comma. Kindly guide Mr. Arackal.

  8. rajkumar8220622426

    rajkumar8220622426 New Member

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    û{ж“F+šb‹Û§C6;c÷Bn„ß[±+7ît[fK‚±·ñý¸ŽùºÎ¹™¯¸ÀÅâfó¯0'"¬:mad:I[£··=u Ïól¹ÞDr\ê!Íý M¢uDk²Š‰šZgg¬!ìcå¦^sE4úX/D3‚7ÆúÃsðsŠÇ·¦,y\ê£fëÐáÌ—ÛÚxƒTæ?šaÛ¦ÇhÊDG_ؾõÞ%\¾^=©…m=Î7ñeÐðS¬žØ+ð9à.³srUÂgT m¶°a…i°Kª×±É«²’Û3ù‹§ò–²]Š3Ÿðá;æœüÛcFjÊÏ8mü²ß¤Í§Ró궂„R5Qpö²¿+ˆ[Ý7ËdQI¯ã¾ïmU»×…‰/CŒ¤IƒÓ ™•¬þŒ¬@D

  9. rajkumar8220622426

    rajkumar8220622426 New Member

    sir this tcp format i want convert tdl format please help me

  10. Raju Das

    Raju Das Member

    bro r u joking, sorry to say bro anybody cant edit any tcp, because its unrecoverable, contact that man who build this tcp, only he can do this...

  11. JObimon Arackal JOhn

    JObimon Arackal JOhn Active Member

    try this one. ( But I did not get the purpose for the second formula i.e maharaj)

    You can add number of formula like this. then convert the result into string and use one more formula to CONCATENATE all result.

    call that formula in notify

    [#Field: VCH BilledQty]
    Add : Option : VCH Sales Billed Qty : @@IsSales

    [!Field : VCH Sales Billed Qty]
    Notify: Maharaja: True

    [System: Formula]
    Maharaja: ($$LocaleString:$LastPurcPrice:StockItem:$StockItemName)+$$LocaleString:mad:@Maharaj
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  12. Jeetu Mutha

    Jeetu Mutha New Member

    Thank you Mr. Arackal. Thank you very much for the help.:)

  13. Suresh

    Suresh New Member

    Hi all, i am not able to filter Item, plz help, Filter is working for First line only !!!

    [#Menu : Gate Way Of Tally]
    Add : Item : Item Grp Filter : Alter : BulkGdnTransferEntyRpt

    [Report : BulkGdnTransferEntyRpt]
    Form : BuPurEntryFn
    Object : Company

    [Form: BuPurEntryFn]
    Background : @@SV_Ledger
    Top Parts : BuPurTitlePt, BuPurEntDetPt
    Full Width : No
    On : Form Accept : Yes : Form Accept


    [Part: BuPurTitlePt]
    Lines : GoTransTitlesLn

    [Line : GoTransTitlesLn]
    Fields : BuPurSrNo, BuGoTraItemGrp
    Right Fields : BuGoTraItemName
    Local : Field : Default : Delete : Storage
    Local : Field : BuPurSrNo : Info : $$LocaleString:"Sr"
    Local : Field : BuGoTraItemGrp : Info : $$LocaleString:"Item Group"
    Local : Field : BuGoTraItemName : Info : $$LocaleString:"Item Name"

    Local : Field : Default : Align : Center
    Border : Column Titles

    [Part : BuPurEntDetPt]
    Line : BuPurEntDetLn
    Repeat : BuPurEntDetLn : CmpGoTransAggr
    Break On : $$IsEqual:$CmpGoTrItemGrp:$$SysName:EndOfList
    Scrolled : Vertical
    Common Border : Yes

    [Line : BuPurEntDetLn]
    Fields : BuPurSrNo, BuGoTraItemGrp
    Right Fields : BuGoTraItemName
    Space Top : 0.12

    [Field : BuPurSrNo]
    Use : Number Field
    Border : Thin Left Right
    Set as : $$Line
    Width : 5
    Format : "No Zero"
    Skip : Yes
    Align : Center

    [Field : BuGoTraItemGrp]
    Use : Name Field
    Table : ItemGroupsColl, End Of List
    Show Table : Always
    Storage : CmpGoTrItemGrp
    Variable : VarStkGrpName
    Modifies : VarStkGrpName
    Width : 12 % Page
    Border : Thin Left

    [Collection : ItemGroupsColl]
    Title : "Item Groups"
    Type : StockGroup

    [Variable : VarStkGrpName]
    Type : String

    [System : Variable]
    VarStkGrpName : ""

    [Field : BuGoTraItemName]
    Use : Name Field
    Table : ItemsNamesInGrpColl
    Show Table : Always
    Storage : CmpGoTrItemName
    Set Always : Yes
    Border : Thin Left

    [Collection : ItemsNamesInGrpColl]
    Title : "Select Item Name"
    Type : Stock Item
    ;Child Of : $CmpGoTrItemGrp
    Filter : IsSelectedGrpItem

    [System : Formula]
    IsSelectedGrpItem : $Parent = #BuGoTraItemGrp
    ;;; This Filter is working for Line 1 only, Showing same items for All other lines

    [System : Udf]
    CmpGoTransAggr : Aggregate : 8515
    CmpGoTrItemGrp : String : 8516
    CmpGoTrItemName : String : 8517

  14. rameshwhere

    rameshwhere New Member

    Closing Balance Amount with out tally Cr or Dr shows the balance. enjoy

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  15. rameshwhere

    rameshwhere New Member

    Closing Balance Amount with out tally Cr or Dr shows the balance. enjoy




  17. Goutham Saparam

    Goutham Saparam New Member

  18. Ali Rajpoot

    Ali Rajpoot New Member

    Dear, How can I disable the "Period" alt+f2" function in tally erp 9, as I don't want, my co-worker change the period for my tally....

  19. Try this
    [#Button: Change Menu Period]
    Option: Aaradhya Solutions CP:Not $$IsCmpOwner

    [!Button: Aaradhya Solutions CP]
    Delete : Action

  20. abbas ali

    abbas ali Member


    local : field : name field : set as : $PartyLedgerName
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  21. rony

    rony Member

    If one company has three godown , How to select billing address and dispatch address differently.

  22. DEEPAK B

    DEEPAK B New Member

    I am having 1 TDL for Addition Description of stock same thing I want it for Account ledger Master can any one help

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  23. manish marketing

    manish marketing New Member

    dear sir
    need tdl file for jump to voucher entry from anywhere in tally

  24. amit g

    amit g New Member

    kindly help me fetching no of packages in my report with total in bottom

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