Using TDL, is it possible to open Cash Drawer on saving the POS Invoice?

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    Using TDL, is it possible to open Cash Drawer on saving the POS Invoice?


    Yes, it is possible using TDL to open a Cash Drawer while saving POS Invoice.

    Default Collection used while printing POS Invoice can be altered to add a new Object and this Object must contain the same method names as declared in other POS Objects with the required Escape Sequences to open the Cash Drawer.


    [#Collection: POSPrinters]

    Add : Object : After : Epson TM T88III Compatible : TVS T88III Compatible

    ;; Escape commands compatible with all Epson POS printers.

    [Object: TVS T88III Compatible] ;; Thermal Printer

    Name : $$LocaleString:"TVS T88III Compatible"

    ;; Initialization strings

    POSInit : "0x1b 0x40" ;; ESC "@" - Init printer

    ;; Attributes

    POSPrintFont : "0x1b 0x21 0x01" ;; ESC "!" 1 - Condensed font (Font B) selected as printing font
    POSPrintFontCPI : 10 ;; Character per inch for Condensed font
    POSPrintFontLPI : 6 ;; Lines per inch for Condensed Font

    ;; Carriage Movement

    POSLineFeed : "0x0a" ;; LF (Line Feed)

    ;; Auto Cutter / Page Eject

    POSFeedAndCut : "0x1b 0x1b 0x70 0x30 0x48 0x48"

    ;; End of code

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    Dear Admin

    I Need Sales Invoice Item, Qty, Rate & Amount print like this scan format
    witch is attached here. Sir I dont know how done this part.
    Please help....Thank you for reply.


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    send the same requirement to

    i am in TDL training this week . so could not help you out.. will connect to you on monday..

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    Dear Admin,

    I request you kindly provide me the tdl file for attached format, for sales and purchase invoice

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    Please provide your email id for solution.

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